Monthly Archives: November 2013


I doubt anyone has this bookmarked. However if you have tried to access the forum or main website tonight (Saturday November 30th 2013) you will not be ale to do so. The Jedi Academy Online (specifically) was hacked by “Team  . MoZmheT. Al MoaaKbeN AreB – Was penetration by the Organization of commentators Arabs” Or so says google translate. It was in Arabic – so I am sure there was something lost in translation. I considered not giving out the name. But meh – Hackers will hack – Jedi will be Jedi. 

Anyhow. figured I update. I haven’t in some time. Funny how life works. I had not updated because the trials I have been facing I am just not comfortable posting publicly. Even saying this is public is debatable. Fact remains every personal ordeals I have been going through. Though I suppose I could have been sharing the not so personal. Like the changing of careers. The horrible try at dating again after divorce. And things of that nature. Personal challenges, but something I am open to talk about. And if it were just those things – probably would have kept this up. As it stands – I updated out of necessity.

However I am looking to find time in my new job to make this a routine practice. Really put this silly thing to use. We’ll see how that pans out. Okay. Saving the date and action for the records. JAO hacked. We are big time now. Gamestop, Microsoft, PlayStation, Ebay, Amazon, all these places it hacked. But us? Come on. Not even worth the five minutes it took to write the original code. Or the two minutes to breach our generic online security. But hey – someone thinks we are worth the effort. That is nice.

Me – I question disrupting the personal betterment of five people as a worthy hacking goal. *shrugs* The only thing we do is seek to inspire people to find their enjoyment, their zen, their zeal of life. And encourage them to use that to live beneficial and productive lives. Sharing their enjoyment of life with those around them. Giving a helping hand. But seriously – we are like five people. So yeah – not sure you reached the audience you wanted, but whatever floats your boat.