Monthly Archives: July 2014

A New Journey

The journey begins and I am one cooked Jedi. It is a new adventure for me. I am testing realms I am very ignorant in. The hope is to expand with the growing world and stay connected in a positive and meaningful way. I am not sold on social media (in its various forms) being the best method, but the young and plugged-in tell me differently.

It is not without cost. I have already lost a phone and digital camera to this venture. Tools vital to the production of what I have started. So already I find myself tested with ways to continue and honor what I have promised without the tools I had for the job.

I don’t know. People talk of signs. But I always figured that to be an excuse. I had a friend who believed in signs. He tripped coming in the door. A sign he shouldn’t be there. As such he missed out on a really great time. Loss, setbacks, are they signs or tests, or simply happenstance? I like to believe I am in control of my fate. Hard Work, Dedication, and an ounce of stubbornness. Dreams are not won by waiting for the planets to align in your favor. Or at least, that is the hope I cling too. Otherwise I have had plenty of warnings that the road I am walking is unwise and I should give up now. 

As Admiral Ackbar rings in my head, my only thought is – Yeah, but at least I know it is a trap going in. Will it make a difference? Time shall tell.