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Jediism = Real Jedi

Watch Out

It is an interesting thing to me. I understand and advocate the need for classification and the use of proper organizational titles. I find these are useful and beneficial elements in any group. Especially one which works off a ranking system for educational purposes. It simply makes sense. You join a new Jedi Group. You’d like to know which Jedi is writing the lessons and been living it for ten years or whatever. As well as much Jedi is like you, fresh, new, and perhaps someone who can relate to your experiences a little better. So titles are given to help people navigate this at first glance. Student, Knight, Instructor, all pretty clear indicators. So I support this type of classification.

Where I find difficulty is when that begins to devolve into unnecessary titles. “I am a Jediist, not a Jedi Realist.” What? What does that mean? “It means I follow Jediism, not Jedi Realism.” What is the difference. – Now here is where many in the Jedi Community miss something important. To the rest of the world there is no difference. To the Media, News, Magazine writers, Filmmakers, your curious cousin, makes absolutely no difference. This is because it all means the same thing to them. Jediism = Real Jedi. Or at least people who think themselves real Jedi.

To be clear, people in the Jedi Community will say there is a difference. And this has been true in the past. Originally Jediism meant Jedi Religion. And Jedi Realism meant religion was left to the Jedi. But that difference has been on a losing battle from day one. Every day more and more people coming looking for “Jediism” as an all-encompassing term. Thsi is due to above. The people giving real Jedi any coverage do not adhere to the petty Glass Walls the Jedi Community create for themselves. In the end the word with the most use wins and currently that word is Jediism.

I have been against colors, isms, and other various little lines drawn in the sand since 2000. They are irrelevant. Either you are a Jedi or you are not. Jediism shares the same core ideals as Jedi Realism. These share the same core as Jedi Pragmatism. The question is always the same – are you or are you not living your life as a Jedi? If yes – doesn’t matter your ism. Now most people take this stance as me saying – “You are not allowed to have any ism. Stop calling yourself this or that.” Which is incorrect. Say you follow Jediism or Jedi Realism. Cool deal. I will shrug and view it 100% as relevant as your hair color. It is simply another feature which is a part of you. But ultimately doesn’t affect whether you actually live as a Jedi.

I have, even in the popular days of Jedi Realism, stuck to simply Jedi. It is my focus. Grey Jedi, Purple Jedi, Jediist, all unnecessary additions which simply prop people up in their own little corners declaring who is better than who. “Jedi Realism is role-players and fakes because they don’t have the courage to complete to the Jedi as a Religion.” Yes that has actually been said. “I am a Jedi Realist. Our training is just way better and doesn’t focus on religious overtones.” Said. Silly little who is better than who non-sense. Tribes fighting over a hill and failing to see the mountain. It is this segregation I have argued, fruitlessly, against for however many stupid years it has been. And it continues. To me it is simple. If you love Jediism or follow Jedi as your Religion. Cool. That is about as important as your race, gender, or sexual preferences. Other words – doesn’t matter.

Now I get it. Minority voice here. Give the people their bread. Let them hold onto their security blanket of isms. Which sure. I am all for you picking your poison. Love your Jedi Religion with a hint of catholic flavor. Temple of the Jedi Order is for you. Like your Jedi Religion heavy period? Church of Jediism it is. Jedi Religion not your thing? Institute of Jedi Realist Studies perhaps? Maybe you want some offline stuff? Near Chicago? Chicago Jedi has you covered. California Jedi might be able to offer you some face time. It is the groups that you chose to grow with that make the difference – not the ism. Not even whatever ism that specific group promotes. What matters is finding a place that you feel comfortable growing as a Jedi with. A place you feel is positive and beneficial to your growth. Don’t worry about whatever ism is attached. It doesn’t matter. In the end the important tile/word is Jedi. And all you need to worry about is finding a group that helps to obtain that goal.



Your Insecurity is Most Disturbing


Courage is not dependent on previous acts of courage. If I am terrified of heights, but climb a tree to help someone down than I have shown courage. It does not take away, diminish, or in anyway reflect the courage it takes to be a Police Officer, Military Soldier/Infantry, Fire Fighter, Search and Rescue, or any other profession which seems more heroic on the surface. Courage not simply something regulated to combat. In fact speaking for peace requires a lot of courage as bodily harm and death are tools often employed against such advocates.

Courage is not allowing Fear to govern your life. Across the world courage has been shown in social issues. Being from the united States we have plenty of examples of Social Courage. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. showed courage. Jane Addams showed courage. Ghandi showed courage. This does not mean George Washington showed less courage crossing the Delaware. This does not mean First Responders to terrorist events like 7/7 and 9/11 were any less courageous.

It makes me wonder how insecure people are they have to lash out at those being courageous for a fight they don’t understand. Caitlyn Jenner has faced ridicule, threats of all kinds, and continues to be insulted by uneducated bigots. But she knew that. She knew that embracing her own image and doing so while tied to one of the most public families would bring a wave of criticism, attacks, and condemnation. Knowing that, knowing a large chuck of the world was not educated and enlightened enough to accept people for who they are and would lash out, she made a courageous choice. She chose not to be ruled by fear or hate or self-denial. She chose to face real consequences and repercussions for simply being true to her self. That is the very definition of courage. “The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.”

And you want to know something? That does NOT take away from any one who has been, is currently, and will be Brave. The continued comparisons and ridicule people face for social courage only serve to prove how much courage is necessary to stand up. In some parts of the world doing so is in fact a death sentence. That does include parts of the United States. Standing against social ignorance and bigotry is not easy, it is not safe, and it is not a minor issue. So the next time you see a picture of some soldier bleeding and a snide comment about courage – remember they are merely proving the point. It is not easy. You are brave. And one day the world will pull its head from its @$$ and recognize that. It is a long fight. Ask anyone involved in equal rights. You’d think the world would it get already – it is all glass wall non-sense. We all bleed. We all feel. We are alive and just trying to do the best we can. But it seems a hard lesson for the world to learn. So continue to be You. Continue to be Courageous.