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Four Somethings of the Somthing


Four Somethings of the Somethings – Entitled such because I have no idea. I just felt like writing. This is what came of that. So yeah….

1. Find Your Bliss.
Mine is Jedi. I know – weird. But when you look at the totality of the Path is covers all my little things that make me happy (from the daily practices, to the goals, to the general mission statement, I just enjoy it). So overall it is my Bliss and what serves as my truth, if you will. Your personal truth is for you. What is your sacred? We see underlying themes and concepts throughout human history and beliefs. Yet all have different flavors and focuses. What is your focus? What is your bliss? Once you have that there is little need to concern yourself with the warring “truths” out there (let them fight it out amongst themselves). Find Your Bliss and Live It. It goes a long way. How right. You are probably like – yeah, cause it is just that easy. Sometimes it is and the one thing getting in the way? Yep. You. Relax. Take a moment. What are the various things that make you happy? What do you enjoy? Why? How do these relate and play out in your life? Search for it and you will find it.

2. Befriend Your Thoughts.
A hard task when sometimes your thoughts are the meanest and most nastiest voice ever to exist. Some of the things you say to yourself? Shame on you. Or maybe that is just me. I know I can beat myself up way better than anyone could ever hope. So do not wage war. Instead turn those very strong thoughts into allies. Start developing the pattern of recognizing the negative thoughts. Face them, stop them, and then counter them. “Is that true?” Make it a new habit to acknowledge the flip-side. To be fair and honest with yourself. To not belittle yourself, but instead offer yourself fair evaluation. And remember – just because you think you did poorly, doesn’t mean you actually did. Listen to the input of others. And do not dishonor or disrespect their opinion by pushing it aside with self-deprecating thoughts. Instead listen with an open and fair mind. Let your thoughts not be your bully, but your friend. And when your fair thoughts are like – “Nope. You failed there blockhead. And here is why, because being fair…” acknowledge and grow from it. Use it to improve. Thank yourself for the good reflection and lesson. And get on to getting better.

3. You Are Not a Caged Monster.
Do not run from yourself. You are not some monstrous beast to be punished or feared. You are a perfectly flawed individual just like the rest of us. As equally as screwed up as the rest of humanity. Congratulations. The simple fact is we all have an area within ourselves we do not like to confront. However that is the true darkness. Allowing our fear to create ignorance and dark areas within ourselves. Your emotions are not your enemy. Pain is not your enemy. Sometimes these things do not feel good at all. They make us cry and really make it hard to love and befriend ourselves. But that doesn’t change with ignoring it either. Embrace the entirety that is you. Acknowledge and Accept. And then, and this is the important part, Find Your Bliss, Befriend Your Thoughts, Laugh at the Absurdity of it All, and Determine Who You WANT to Be – then go be that. If you can dream and see yourself as the Hero, be the damn hero. It is well within your ability. The only thing holding you back is you. So step out of the cage and be who you chose to be.

4. Laugh at the Absurdity of it All.
Life doesn’t care how serious you take it. The sun will rise whether you worry about it or not. The stars in the sky care nothing for your stress and complaints. So you can go through life in a very serious and overly stressing manner. The day will not alter. Likewise you can be a bit more carefree, smiling and laughing at the interesting twists and flow of life. The universe will continue on either way. The real question is not how will your attitude effect the world, but how does you attitude affect you? Which would you rather be as the universe continues on? The one laughing or the one stressed? I mean, come on. Even this article has to make you want to laugh. “Oh. There is Opie with his self-help non-sense again. And he calls this Jedi. BAH!” Or maybe I just wrote out another example of the previous. In any case – the universe continues on. Have a laugh or two – the stars will totally appreciate it.

Five Ways to Improve Your Jedi Mind:


Just Breathe. Yeah yeah, I know, you are already breathing. But seriously, take a moment for yourself. Make a little quiet time. Even if for just a minute or five. Go into the bathroom, lock the door, turn off the lights, and simply take the moment to breathe. Consider it rebooting your system. Power down, fire back up, and leave ready to continue on. The whole take a moment and just breathe will probably be on very single Jedi musing I write. It is simply that vital and good for you.

Prioritize. Create a loose schedule. Make a To-Do list. Basically give yourself some guidelines on the things you need to get done. Create a couple. One for the day and another for the week. Just organize your thoughts and priorities. This will help you focus your attention more acutely. Now I say loose guideline because things happen. You cannot plan for everything, so you certainly cannot schedule for everything. As new things pop up, readjust the schedule/list as needed.

Hold onto Nothing. Learn to let go and step away when you need to. Attachment to outcomes, desires, and stress is not going to help. It is not all sunshine and rainbows, but guess what? That is okay. Accept and embrace the varied experiences of life with open arms and an open mind. Allow the world to play out as it will while you adjust as you need to and tackle your top priorities first. You have your guideline list – you have a general idea of what you need to get done. Get to it and allow yourself to harmonize with the chaotic nature of life. When things start to weigh you down, let go, step away, take a moment to breathe, and re-approach life with no expectations, merely goals.

Create Your Zen. Make a place for you. This can be a tool shed in the backyard that you convert into a little meditation retreat, sparsely decorated. You can use this area for the “Just Breathe” practice. We don’t all have a backyard to retreat to, so simply create some space for yourself. Make and keep your room open and free from clutter. Organize your surroundings (even at work, if possible. Keeping your desk and/or cubicle ordered and clean), giving each thing its own place. Having that more open environment can really help you feel more relaxed. Room to breathe, so to speak.

Let It Out. Go back to basics and don’t overload the brain. Meaning, write things down. Don’t rely solely on your memory. Keep reminders going. Do so right when something comes up. Bust out the schedule and write it down. Set-up an e-mail reminder or a phone alert. Keep records of the things you have set in your loose To-Do guide. Also, go back to letting go, write out how you feel. Journal that stuff (privately is my personal recommendation) and give it space to be set free. Don’t bottle things, instead express them and keep your mind free for adjusting and reacting to the fun and crazy experiences you are going to have in life.

Be a Jedi Master



Whether you have been on the Jedi Path for ten years or ten minutes be a Jedi Master. I am sure this sounds silly and wildly impractical. But really there is no reason not to seek to be the Master at this point. Failure doesn’t make you a failure, just another lesson. Success doesn’t mean the end, it is a continual process. So why not step up and simply be the Jedi Master you would like to be one day? Why not make one day, today? It may not be as difficult as it seems.

  • Embrace the Healthy – Physical health plays an active role in all our areas of wellness. But it is not the sole focus of the Jedi. Embrace healthy living. This means be aware of your intake on many levels. Food intake, sure, but also social intake. What are you digesting on a daily basis? What is your news feed and daily environment serving to you? Are you constantly bombarded with negative, hostile, and belittling behaviors and images? Embrace a healthy lifestyle. This means enjoying some exercise, adding some healthy snacks, getting your meditation on, and creating a more positive and nurturing environment for yourself. Take some time for yourself and seek to cultivate a daily life that pushes you in the direction you want to go. Don’t allow others to bury you under unhealthy habits.
  • Be Courteous and Respectful – A pretty simple concept, but one we sometimes forget to put into practice. The world can seem a bit overbearing and stressful at times. Yet it is still a wonderful and beautiful place. So don’t let the negative rule your focus. Instead meet each new situation and person as another chance to spread some goodness in world. Smile, offer a friendly greeting, be helpful. Perhaps the person deserves it or they don’t. Suspend judgment and simply treat all you meet with a general courtesy and respect. Accept them for who they are – a living being trying to make their own way in the world. A little kindness can go a very long way.
  • Accept the Challenges and Seek Out the Solutions – Life is a wonderful thing. You are alive and that is an amazing and beautiful thing. But it doesn’t not always feel like it. At times we are faced with some pretty tough challenges and we can forget to stop and appreciate the joy our world does offer. Accept the challenges which present themselves. Do not hate them, run from them, or regret them. Acknowledge them, embrace them, and accept them. Doing this gives you the power to affect change and overcome them.

    As such seek the solutions. Your focus is ever important in life. Don’t drown yourself in the problem, instead look deeply at it seeking the solution. When you encounter any challenge or obstacle, look for the solution to it. Troubleshoot, problem-solve, get elbow deep into it. Accept the challenge and find the solution.

  • Take the Time to Learn – When someone talks, listen. Take the time to truly learn their point of view. This is a great way to show courtesy and respect. But if you have a someone offering their story, their experience, stop and truly listen to what they are saying. If someone wants to show you how to do something, don’t let ego get in the way. Stop and accept the offer, the gift. You never know what you may learn. And yes, it may simply be how not to do something, but that in itself is still valuable. We all have experiences, lessons, and stories which can be of positive impact to other people. If you want to be heard, be the example. Take the time to listen and learn whenever the chances arises.
  • Keep the Basics at Heart – Appreciation and Gratitude are the most basic. Appreciate what you have and where you are at. You are not at the end of your journey, because you are still alive. Acknowledge that simple fact and own the moment, own the day, own your life. Remember that it wasn’t just you that got you to this point. Life has been a shared journey with many players. Some heroes, some villains, some offering the much needed comic relief. They all offer something of value and that should be appreciated. This moment isn’t promised to anyone, yet here you are, with a chance to make the most of it. So rock it out Jedi Master.

Opie Rant: Knowledge Over Ignorance

William Shakespeare (Twelfth Night, Act IV, Scene 2)

I must admit that I am still surprised by and taken aback by “Jedi Masters” which fail to grasp the most basic foundations of our path. Knowledge is one of those focuses that all Jedi agree on. Whether you adhere to the Three Pillars school of thought, which lists Knowledge as the Second Pillar. Or you hold to the Jedi Code which has the Second line as There is no ignorance; there is knowledge or Ignorance, yet knowledge. If you follow the Jedi Creed, Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training. If you just keep the movies as pure inspiration – “a Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense.” I mean anywhere you look within the inspiration and context of the Jedi Path Knowledge is simply a cornerstone which is undisputed.

So when correction is given on minor mistakes, why do so-called “Jedi masters” respond with the wit of a six year old? Jedi Lesson 324: Rolling your eyes is not an appropriate response to education. Maybe if you are a 13 year old Jedi Padawan with a high level of sass (Obi-Wan, I am looking at you). But it is seriously unbecoming of an adult who was not even the focus of the correction. And allow me to share the correction with all of my fellow One Reader. Jedi is the plural of Jedi. This is a common mistake for a lot of people new to the Jedi way. They will type out Jedis. To inform someone of this is not nitpicking grammar, but a simple note worth remembering for future uses. Now the person who was “corrected” tipped the hat, acknowledged it, and was like “got it.” No fuss no muss. Fair deal everyone goes about their business – as any Jedi would expect.

But a “Jedi master” decides he is not in favor of this ‘nitpicking of grammar’. “I shall not join Opie in finding every fault in your grammar!!!… Lol… *eye roll*” So have I like gone back to elementary school and no one told me? Knowledge Over Ignorance is a pretty standard concept for the youngest Jedi. And I would certainly prefer to be informed of a rather simple correction than be allowed to continue to go around making an incorrect statement. Opie, you spelled Zimbabwe wrong. You had an a at the end. – Oh. Thanks, good catch. Knowledge over Ignorance – that could literally be the second lesson for most Jedi.

So – to all my would-be and awesomely rocking it Jedi: Remember that learning something new is a good thing. And it should not be taken or viewed with contempt or eye rolling. Actually be a Jedi. Acknowledge the lesson, accept it with grace, and apply it when necessary. And if we are ever at a Jedi gathering together and you roll your eyes in the face of knowledge know you better have excellent Jedi reflexes; because a lightsaber will be flying your head. Forewarned is forearmed. Boom! More knowledge. Cheesy_Grin_by_melonhead_emotion Hey! I saw that. Don’t roll your eyes at me. stinkeye … cough