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It is not a competition…

This is just a reminder that life isn’t a competition. It is not about who is better or who has the right of it. There is you, your loves, likes, and dislikes. And you know what? That’s okay. Maybe we agree on those things, maybe we don’t, maybe I think you are a bit crazy for having them, and you think I am weird for mine. You know what? That’s okay. We don’t have to agree. It is not a competition. It is not about everyone agreeing and having the exact same preferences and experiences. Diversity is a wonderful thing. Sometimes frustrating, sometimes perplexing, but definitely wonderful.

It is not us versus them. It is not you versus the world. It is not you against me. Or which fandom is the best (cause we know its Star Wars – joking, joking). It is about loving ourselves, our likes, our dislikes, our enjoyments, our fandoms – whatever they may be. It is not a competition. You can like multiple things. Or just be a fan of one. Liking one doesn’t mean you have to like the other or hate it.

It is not:
(Sykrim)                                                                        (The Black Hole)
(Star Trek)                                        (Star Wars)

Most importantly – liking something doesn’t mean you have to attack or tear the other one down. Enjoy what inspires you. Embrace the things that make you laugh and cry and shout out loud to people and situations that can never hear you. Love what you love and encourage others to do the same – even if you don’t necessarily get it. Less judgment and more encouragement. I think we could all use that in our lives. So when you see a football fan dressed up, smile and recognize another fan. When you see someone in a kick-@$$ Cloud Strife outfit, smile and recognize another fan. One does not take away from the other. We can all love our individual fandoms without taking anything away from all the other forms of out there.

Okay. Rambling over. Much love to all the fans out there – whatever your kink, I mean, fandom may be.

Five Responsibilities of a Jedi Knight


Public Service is a core responsibility of the Jedi Knight. This can take many forms as we have explored within the Five Goals of the Jedi. Training takes top priority for the Jedi as they begin the path. We touched on this before. You cannot truly help another unless you can help yourself first. You have to be in a secure place before you uplift others. Consider it like two people on the edge of a cliff. You want to help the other person get to safety, yet your footing is not secure. Do you risk both of your lives by helping the other person? Or do you make sure you get to a place that can support both of your weight and help the person get to safety then?

So when you are training as a Jedi we want to encourage fulfilling the Five Goals, but in small ways. Now that you are a Jedi Knight this opens up a lot more. Your training won’t take up as much time. This doesn’t give you more time to go back to video games and novels however. It is time that can be put to use. Time to get out there and start making a difference. How? That falls to you Jedi, but it is something expected of you. Maybe you help out at a food kitchen. Maybe you help out at a local animal shelter. Maybe you volunteer at the local after-school program (music instructor, coaching a sport, homework tutoring, etc.). Find something that works for you and speaks to how you want to make an impact in the world. Environmental causes also work very well. There is something for everyone and a time schedule that works for everyone. If work, family, and training only allow a couple hours a week for it, so be it. But make an effort, it is part of your duty as a Jedi Knight.

Adhering to the Core Ideals should go without saying, but here it is anyhow. Training is over apprentice, you are a Jedi Knight now. Your duty as a Jedi Knight is to adhere to the Jedi Circle. You don’t get the excuse of being a student any more. Hopefully you didn’t develop that habit of excuses. Sure, no Jedi is perfect and we do and will make mistakes. It happens, the misconception of infallibility and all that. Yet you are a Jedi Knight now. Your peers have recognized you as a competent and skilled Jedi. This means you have a deep responsibility to represent the entirety of the Jedi Way. You are fully trained and considered capable of training others to your level. This means people will look to you as the example. So adhering to our core ideals is simply a requirement at this level.

Breakdown the code into its base elements. Peace, knowledge, serenity, harmony, and the Force are the main tenets you’ll want to be able to explain clearly. These are topics you want to have an intimate understanding of. How does physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social wellness play into the Jedi Path? Why is it a part of the Jedi Path? What examples within the fiction are there of these things? You are a teacher now. You understand the path and the why of it. How it applies to everyday life and the inspiration behind it. Of course this goes beyond just knowing, you must also live by them. You must promote them through your actions, not just your words. There are those looking and learning by observation and your actions will inform them of not only how a Jedi acts, but the quality of the Path itself.

Mentoring and Passing on Knowledge is one of the more rewarding responsibilities of being a Jedi Knight. There can be great joy in helping to guide a young Jedi along the Path and to Knighthood. Watching a person flourish in life and seeing them exemplify the Jedi Way will bring a smile to your face every single time. Having a hand in that journey? It is a great feeling. Yet it is a task that is very challenging. It carries a lot of weight and you are effectively assuming responsibility of another person’s journey along the Path. This requires that you be ready for such a challenge. Be prepared and have a clear idea of how to approach being a mentor.

Understand now that being a Jedi mentor is basically a full-time job. This is not something you get to check in on once a week for about an hour. This is not something you get to just throw assignments at and forget about. You need to play an active role in being a guide to another person. You are a role-model and it falls to you to represent that properly. Be sure you have your stuff in order before you take on this responsibility. Do not rush into anything and be sure that you take the time to fully make sure that you and your potential student are in fact compatible. This is a wonderful responsibility, but it must be approached with the right mindset. Which we will cover a bit later on.

Promoting and Representing Harmony is something Jedi Knights do through the integration of personal wellness and world-betterment. It isn’t about being separate from the world or the problems and issues we face in everyday life. We are not above the constant challenges everyone faces on a daily basis. What Jedi Knights have learned is to harmonize the core ideals of the path into the daily interactions. We do not ostracize others for the sake of the path. We are not running off to some temple in the middle of nowhere hanging out with other reclusive Jedi meditating on the Force all day. This isn’t what being a Jedi Knight is about. We are not seeking enlightenment nor are we Shaolin Monks. Being a Jedi is lived and honored through living the life we have. By being present and engaging with the life, friends, and family we have right in front of us.

Consider what harmony means in musical terms. It is the combination of multiple tones which hopefully blend into cords that are pleasant to the ear. This is the Jedi Way. To blend the multiple ideals and practices of the Path into our daily life which hopefully produce a positive and beneficial lifestyle. As a Jedi Knight you get to be a core representation of that now. How you live your life, what you do with it, how you integrate it with other lives around you, all of this becomes your responsibility. Not only to do this, but to do it in a way that shows the validity and value of doing so.

Continual Education should be of no surprise. You are a Jedi Knight! Congratulations! Now you not only get a boatload more responsibilities, but have much more to learn; aren’t you just overjoyed? One of the core ideals we spoke on before is knowledge. As a Jedi is this something that has value you to. So you will be expected to continue on with it. Now there are a variety ways of doing so. The first I’d recommend is a refresh course on mentoring and being a good role-model. As this will play into one of your new responsibilities as a Jedi Knight. Of course once you tackle that you can move on to other things. Such is current events or how to set-up a local meet-up group. How to find a good organization to volunteer your time to. Plenty of things for you to learn and continue to grow as a Jedi. New meditation techniques. Take a new workshop at a Jedi Gathering and learn a new self-defense technique. The main thing is that you continue to grow as a Jedi.

Being a Jedi Knight is a recognition of the time you have put in and the growth you have shown during that time. It acknowledges that you are become a very capable Jedi that is trusted to be a valued representative of the entire Jedi Path. That you are able to pass on the Way without damaging another in the process. As you continue to live your life as a Jedi you will still be faced with challenges in life. You will still have tough moments that will test very fiber of your Jedi ideals. Many life-changing events may be in the works for you. Marriage, children, divorce, new job, loss of your career, there is absolutely a huge and very long list of things that can upset the balance and calm you have developed over the years. As you face these events new lessons will present themselves to you. You will find your practices and ideas challenged and from that you have the chance to improve and expand upon them. There is no end to your journey of learning and that is the final responsibility that falls to up to upkeep Jedi Knight.

Surviving (personal entry)

Survivor((Personal Entry: Pure Rambling. I have no idea where this will go or if there is even a point I want to make. I just felt like writing and exploring my current thoughts openly.))
1000 words written and deleted. They did not survive. In reflection, unlike my previous words, I have survived a lot of things I really shouldn’t have. That guarantees nothing of course. Surviving today does not promise you next week. But it is something of value. Because life is valuable. Sure, plenty of hurdles in enjoying it freely and openly. Plenty of people out there who aren’t happy so will attack any happiness they perceive. It is a trap I fall into sometimes. Allowing my happiness to be affected by society’s views. I don’t have this – so I should feel like a failure. I am not that – so I should feel like garbage. I don’t look this them – so I should feel guilty. It is a rarity these days (yay Jedi Path), but it does happen (usually due to my attachment to a specific outcome – a project I want to succeed and instead it fails). But I am pretty sure I am done with that. Eff’em. It will be what it is. I tripped into the dirt. I failed. I had my chance and it was lost. Due to nothing but my own weaknesses.

But I am here. I am alive. I have survived. And you know what? I like being alive. This life has a lot to offer. I mean – yeah, tough stuff. Not all sunshine and fuzzy kittens. But still plenty of wonderful experiences to be had. And we currently live in an age that can give people a plethora of experiences. Video Games, Books, Movies, TV, Netflix marathons, you can get cozy in a warm blanket, sip some hot cocoa, and go on a journey of wonderful experiences. The privilege of having survived this crazy place thus far. And you know, first world living, but lets leave the sociology and politics at the door for now. Life is what we make of it. Not in terms of money or luxury or even basic human rights for some – which how the f*ck is that still an issue – but I digress, leaving it at the door. Point is – Your focus determines your reality. So adjust it as you need and stop using other people’s lens to view YOUR world. Live life in a way that when the day comes that you are no longer the survivor, you can say – it was a good ride and I am at peace with leaving. And you do that by forgetting all the BS and just living life. Embrace it, dig into it, and enjoy the roller coaster that you are on. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and jump right back into the fray with a big smile. Ready for the next big adventure – even if it means hitting next on your queue.

The question, O me! so sad, recurring—What good amid these, O me, O life?
That you are here—that life exists and identity,

That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.
– Walt Whitman (O Me! O Life!)


Personal: Failure…

I have been in pursuit of living the Jedi way for some time. I was first inspired in 1990 as a young child and I pursued it as a child would. By the mid-nineties I found the seedlings of what would become the Jedi Community. In 1999 I began to make a name for myself in the Community and present my ideas and experiences living as a Jedi. 16 years later I have failed more times than I can actually remember. Though I do get reminders from some very helpful people in the community at times. There are only two times in my life where I truly felt I failed to the point of I could not call myself a Jedi. Much like how The Doctor (Doctor Who reference here) didn’t consider the War Doctor The Doctor because he felt he had failed so badly. My first time was not only a gradual decline into degradation and complacency, but I failed to acknowledge my compromised state and brought a eager and bright student into my little pit. That was the true failing. Getting beaten down by life and slowly sliding off the path is one thing, but to involve a good kid and ruin their own growth? Unforgivable.

My second true failing was in my divorce. As my marriage crumbled around me I got lost in the emotional turmoil. And instead of adhering to the Path and doubling up on my practices in such a rough time, I wallowed in my mistakes and failures. Instead of waking up and meditating, I’d wake up and open a beer. Instead of buckling down and working not only on myself, but my career, I played video games and pretended to be a Jedi online (which clear as day I had lost my way) – all while drinking as a side note. Instead of reflecting and meditating before bed, I’d finish off a beer, watch some tv, and eventually pass out in bed. All while still running a Jedi website, carrying a Jedi Knight, and pretending I was some sort of Jedi teacher. Another pretty horrendous failure.

During both times I felt the Jedi Community failed me. As Jedi we are suppose to be there for each other. Not for platitudes or blind optimism, but to help each other grow as Jedi. To hold each other accountable and responsible for our actions. We are to live as Jedi. And there are things in life that can knock a person off their track. I can fall back to mental diagnosis I was given when I was younger, but that would just be an excuse. I know this now more than ever, because I have faced even tougher challenges and since I adhered to the Jedi Way I handled them way better. The Jedi Path itself is such a wonderful toolbox. It gives so many tools in dealing with the problems and struggles of everyday life and the not so everyday. Failure and mistakes do happen. They are not fun, pleasant, and we are more often than not more upset at ourselves for failing than the actual failure. This happens and guess what? That’s Okay. What is not okay….

Patting people on the back and telling them they are Jedi when very clearly they are not. Over and over I was told what a great Jedi was. Look at the things I had done. Look at how I kept going. Look at the posts I had written that day. Yes – even in my darkest times I still knew Jedi Information well enough to write good posts. But that doesn’t mean I was living it. And when I turned to the community for support and to help me get back on the path all I got was platitudes, gossip, and optimistic brush-offs. “Oh you are still a Jedi. You are just going through a hard time.” News Flash: You are go through a hard time, want to me a Jedi, wear a Jedi mask, and still not be a Jedi. Being a Jedi is LIVING it. It is waking up and forcing yourself to follow the Five Practices. It is making sure you are adhering to the Five Goals and following the Jedi Rules of Behavior. If you are not doing these things – if you cannot even bother to do a Jedi Code meditation which might take five minutes out of your day (though probably should be ten) – then you are NOT a Jedi. And I was not. Yet the Community wanted to pat me on my back. And so I continued my slide, because that is what happens when you don’t recognize or accept a problem.

One of my bigger challenges was facing how sick this made me and how little I wanted to do with the Community. Of course this I why I always caution Jedi these days – The Jedi Community is Not the Jedi Path and vice-versa. With the help of one feisty Jedi (who happily acknowledges that my lessons were good enough that they help in spite of me) I was able to recognize and finally accept my continuing failure and the disservice I was doing to the Path by calling myself a Jedi. Acceptance is Peace. It was my bottom. Surrounded by beer bottles, liquor bottles, wine bottles, sake bottles, well you get the idea… It was simple – Did I want to truly be a Jedi? Of course. Not only a childhood dream, but I had thoroughly enjoyed myself when I was a Jedi – living the Jedi Way. I had allowed myself to forget that, because pain and self-pity tends to do that.

So I began the very long journey back to being a Jedi. The basis is simple – Jedi Code, Jedi Circle, Jedi Rules of Behavior – live it. Follow through on the practices. It was here that I began doing Spartan Races (as well as Zombie Runs and other mud runs). Spartan Races near me really had that Dagobah feel to them the first couple of years. Wet, cold, muddy, and definitely challenging. It really helped me train more like the fictional Jedi and that of course really helped keep the inspiration alive. To go out and be a Jedi on the course really just brought it to life more me. Much like how lightsaber dueling and cosplay brings it to life for other Jedi. It was indeed a long road back to fully living as a Jedi. I eventually was able to get to a place where I felt I was a Jedi Knight. So I tattoo’ed it on my arm. No going back. No more excuses allowed. It is about a baseline. When you first start the Jedi Path you have a rather low and basic baseline you are held to and can expect to hold yourself to. When you are a Jedi Knight that means your baseline of Jedi Living has increased. Meaning that is your new bottom point. Your worse day will still be a Jedi day. Doesn’t mean it won’t suck, just means your base/natural/instinctive reaction is that of a Jedi. When I have a really crappy day I may want to grab a six pack of beer and escape into a video game, but that isn’t my knee-jerk reaction anymore. Instead as that thought arises as I am already preparing a nice atmosphere to meditate and center myself in. I know what to do as a Jedi and I am already int he process of doing it as old habits and thoughts try to creep their way in and eventually falling away to the core practices of the Jedi. Make no mistake, this took a good amount of time. But it is the by-product of living the Jedi Way. Eventually you get to the place you want to. If you put in the work you eventually become the person you desire to be.

Failure happens. That is fine. Not being a Jedi doesn’t make you are bad person. Realizing that you are off the path doesn’t make you a bad person. It can and does happen. It is Okay. What is not okay is platitudes and false support when you continue not to walk the path. What is not okay is carrying a title and pretending you are a role-model and example of the Path when you aren’t even walking it. These are not okay. These are signs that you are still in the pit and have yet to acknowledge that you are actively keeping yourself there. Community errors on compassion. They will pat you on the back, they will tell you how great you are, all while you are being self-absorbed and dejected. Self-Discipline: You are Your Own Master – So be a Jedi. If you want to be a Jedi, if you feel you have failed, are failing, then be a Jedi. Start now. Start today. Stop giving into excuses, stop wasting time, start right now – Be a Jedi.

I have been at the bottom. I have failed many times. But the best way to guard against that, to avoid my mistakes, is simply to keep to the Path. To live it and honor it the best you can. When you stumble and feel bad for it – shake it off and remember the best way to apologize is to learn from it. Don’t be sorry – just do better. If you want to be a Jedi then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get right back to it. No days off, no moping time. Get to it Jedi.

10 Jedi Running Tips


Pain – Is Not A Part of the Process. Yes, you will have muscle soreness. But shin-splint aren’t “just a by-product” of running. Joint pain is not “just a part of running”. Pain is a sign something is not working. Bad posture, over-exerting yourself, not recovering properly. You should be sore. But there is a big difference between muscle soreness and hurting yourself. If you’re experiencing pain – see a professional. Check with your doctor that you don’t have any issues preventing running. Go to a running clinic. See a sports-doctor. Or, you know, stop trying to be Usain Bolt and go easy on your runs. Be Sore, Not in Pain.

Relax – You are running, not disarming a bomb with 10 seconds left on the timer. You are not trying to solve all world problems. You are going for a run to help improve your overall well-being. So deep breath, relax, and be mindful that this extends to other areas. Your jaw should not be clenched during your runs. Relax. Breathe.
This extends to your hands: Keep your hands loose and below your chest. No making fists. Don’t punch forward, this isn’t a movie and you aren’t Rocky. Don’t hold anything. If you must (music player, dog leash) switch hands halfway through the run and make sure you aren’t squeezing the life out of what you holding.
This also extends to your upper body. Your shoulders should be at a natural position. If you need to, shrug your shoulders to your ears and let them fall naturally into place. Don’t be a statue. Don’t tense up. Enjoy the time you have to run.

Elbows – Running is very engaging, but make sure you aren’t over-extending or over-exerting yourself. Keep you elbows bent at about 90 degrees (or less). Don’t lose that bend in the “back swing”. You want to keep your arms close to you. In other words no failing arms, no windmills. Don’t waste energy swing your arms around. This goes with the above. Loose, relaxed, but not flinging about the place.

Your Core – Is your friend. Posture is important. So stand up straight. No leaning forward, no hunching over, and if any point you find yourself bent forward at the waist either correct it (or if you have been running awhile, consider that you are done for the day). Run tall. A natural slight lean forward will generally occur when you do so (from the ankles, not the waist). But relax, head up, run tall. Your body will work itself out.
Core training will help with this. Enjoy some nice core exercises in your overall routine. A strong core will help immensely with running posture. So don’t just count on running.

Quick-Stride – Don’t extend your stride. Avoid reaching forward with you foot. Longer strides are not your friend. This is where a lot of injury tends to happen. You are creating impact shocks which can damage joints and muscle. So keep a short, natural, quick stride. No worries, we got you covered on the how.

Strike – Your foot should strike under your knee. Foot-fall should not be in front of your knee. I prefer a mid-foot strike myself, but doesn’t matter if it is forefoot, mid, or heel (which I don’t like). The key is to make sure your foot is not in front of your knee. Especially if you are running downhill. Put your foot down under your hips. This requires a short stride and helps to keep you from over-extending. You are pushing up and off the ground. You can’t push up and off if you are over-extended pass the hips.

Cadence – 170 should be good for most people, eventually you can hit the generally accepted number of 180. What does this mean and how can you figure it out? This is simply how many times your feet hit the ground in one minute. So you could count how many times your right foot hits the ground in a minute, double it, and you’ll have your number. Or you can count your steps for 15 seconds and times that by four and you’ll have your number. Or I am sure there is some app out there for it. Either way you should look to get a cadence around 180 (it is a general guideline and not an exact number). Know what helps this? Not over-extending with long strides.

Breathe – Yeah. Repeating a bit here. But you should seek to have a good steady breath during your runs. Will you become out of breath? Eventually, sure. But if you are huffing and puffing, then you are most likely leaning forward and over-extending your stride. So just stop. Jedi can seek to modify the calming breath to help regulate. Or simply, in-breath three steps, out-breath three steps. Regulating your breathing is important and can help avoid cramping up during runs. Like the cadence this isn’t stone. Just something to be mindful of and to help make sure you aren’t killing yourself (especially on your first couple of outings).

Preparation – Invest in yourself and your physical well-being. Running can be a wonderful stress reliever. It can be a great meditation. It can be a wonderful tool. But you have to put a little effort into it. Preparation is key. That means making sure you have good shoes. Proper support makes a difference. That means taking the time to stretch out properly before your run. It means making sure you stay hydrated. In means not eating a McDonald’s Big Platter breakfast ten minutes before you go running. Or wearing sweatpants when it is 100 degrees outside. Invest in yourself and your practice – as you would anything else. Talk to the experts and get properly outfitted.

Recovery – Give yourself time to recover. Makes changes gradually and allow for your body to adjust. A good diet and plenty of water will help your recovery time/process. If you have a love one that likes to spoil you – get some massage time in.

Patience – Seriously, you are not Pheidippides (thankfully). This is a PROCESS. Start slow. Listen to your body DURING your runs. If you’re done after five minutes, you are done. How do you feel the next day? Good? Five minutes again, see maybe about seven minutes, if not no worries. Build up. Don’t worry about speed or distance when you first begin. Just focus on good running posture and listening to your body. At the end of your run: You should be sweaty and out of breath, but still smiling and feeling good. And absolutely you should be walking a bit funny the next day, but only because of sore leg muscles, not painful injuries.

Ten Things to Help You Survive Jedi Training

Accept It! – You knew this was not going to be easy right? But life has a way of smacking us upside the head with our own expectations. But you know what? That is life. So take a moment for yourself. Put down the study materials and take your dog for a walk. Or go swimming. Or watch an episode of a tv show. Then deep breath and finish up your Jedi assignments for the day.

Don’t Quit! – Yeah, you are going to want to, I promise. The reasons vary. Sometimes it is the online community. Sometimes it is a poor choice in mentors. Sometimes you realize you were holding Jedi to standard that doesn’t exist. Or it may all be internal, not feeling good enough. Not feeling capable. Feeling like you just will never be a Jedi. Forget all of that. Deep breath – remember, you’ve got this. You have survived so much worse. You can handle this and succeed at it. So don’t run away, don’t hide, but continue on and live it.

Learn! – Knowledge is Power, Power is Change. Smart is Sexy. Whatever motto helps you. But enjoy the process. Learn to take pleasure in learning new things. Seek out new information. Don’t shut other people out. Don’t think you already know this. Don’t tune out because you have heard it before. Listen, consider, ask questions, seek for something new, find something to learn.

Focus! – Specifically focus on you. You are not the hero yet. It is not your time to be the mentor, leader, or savior yet okay Jedi? Relax. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Don’t worry about what some other site is doing. Focus on your studies and focus on your growth. You’ll have plenty of time to play Jedi Knight to Rescue later on. For now, get your stuff in order.

Be Kind! – Be considerate and respectful to your fellow humans. Especially your teachers and fellow students on the Jedi Path. It will make a difference I promise. Courtesy and Respect go a long way. So be nice to those within your life.

Ask Everything! – Seriously, ask the most stupidest of questions. Engage. Follow through. If someone replies trolling you? Forget them. Any Jedi worth their salt will treat ALL of your questions with sincerity and respect. They will appreciate and enjoy every single question you present. It is something all Jedi Mentors want to see. So ask absolutely everything that comes to mind. Mentors may give you the answer or may help you find it yourself or may simply pause for a second as you realize the answer as soon as you ask aloud. All of that is find and acceptable, so ask.

Prepare! – Have an understanding of yourself and how your next day is shaped up. Make sure you have time to get things ready. If you don’t get them ready in advance. Clothes, food, homework, make sure everything is squared away or ready to be at the start of your day. Make sure you make time for some sort of breakfast. Don’t starve yourself or hurt yourself because you are “too busy”. That just means you prepared poorly. So get your stuff together – it will ease your Jedi assignments and required practices. You’ll be much more able to juggle them with life properly.

Sleep! – Hey Jedi guess how far you’ll get if you allow sleep to be sacrificed for fitting in training? Not far. You will burn out. Something will give and it won’t be a pretty event. So get your Jedi Robe wearing butt into bed and get a good night’s rest. Do a before bed meditation to ease yourself down. Put on soothing waves or music that helps carry you to snore-zone. Whatever it is, get it done. It will have a direct impact on your energy and how you approach the next day.

Water! – Drink plenty and plenty and plenty of water. Keep a water bottle with you. Stay hydrated at all times. It is important. Water intake is vital and another core aspect which helps your energy. So drink plenty of water throughout the day. Will you have to know where bathrooms are at all times, probably. Consider an exercise in Jedi Mindfulness. But water will help in keeping your head in the game and knock those Jedi assignments out of the park.

Meditation! – Don’t you dare forget the importance of daily meditation. I don’t care what technique you adopt, just take a deep breath. Fine. But it is a vital part of being a Jedi because it helps remind us of an important thing. That is all going to work out. It is going to be okay. You are going to be okay. It helps make sure your vision is clear and you can approach each day at the best you can be within that moment. So breathe, get your meditation on, and remember that you are going to smash this Jedi Training stuff. You are going to be a great Jedi Student and an even better Jedi Knight.

Personal Update:

Get it done. Put in the work daily. These are things I have told myself constantly. I am a master procrastinator and it is a battle to really ensure I follow through. Unfortunately I got one of those reminders of how important this is this week. I have been working toward a dream of mine. And I woke-up Tuesday with a message saying – give me your finished dream. But…. its not finished. I bought myself 48 hours. And in those 48 hours I did almost the exact amount of work that I had been doing for months. In those 48 hours I did absolutely nothing but work, nap, partake in some food, and indulged in a shower (hoping it would help refresh my mind). I did make the deadline. Of course I 100% loathe the work that was done. I do not like it and want to burn it all. Fortunately I cannot and do not even get the option were I able. Still it was a valuable wake-up call and experience.

I do work well with a set deadline. I do not work well with a huge amount of work in a very short time. My current schedule for working on my dream is woefully lacking. Not only that, but I have clearly been to caviler with my time management with it. So adjustments will be made and I will take this as the harsh lesson it is. I may have in fact torpedoed my dream all because I was being way to lax about my approach to my work ethic. There are rarely second chances when it comes to dreams and I already had mine. So not sure where this will leave me. Still I am not giving up. I am improving. I will take the work I have done and make it even better. And should it be called upon again I will have a much better product to deliver. Will that opportunity arise? Who knows. All I can say is that this has been an illuminating experience. Not the best feeling in the world, but I have decided to approach it with the mentality to be better because of it.

Just felt kind of defeated and worn out yesterday. And still having lingering effects of that today. So here I am typing it out and making sure I get my head right. Now. Time to get back work.