An Introduction:

The Jedi Academy Online was set-up for the purpose of educating people about the Jedi Path (Jedi Philosophy, Jedi Lifestyle, etc.). It was meant to serve as a place for those interested in learning more about the Jedi (or perhaps live as a Jedi themselves) to explore what the Jedi Path was all about. Over the first successful couple of years the direction and focus changed a bit to integrate and be a productive and leading organization in the overall Jedi Community as well as an offline organization.

With this thought in mind the name was changed to the Jedi Foundation and new training programs were put into place. The Jedi Foundation was able to continue the original goals and ideals of the Jedi Academy Online and is still in the habit of continually updating, revising, and progressing the Jedi training program. However, as often happens with internet communities (and sub-cultures) reality soon set in and disappointment followed.

The fact is the internet is still a place of escape for many. A place to vent what they would not say or do in-person. A place to relish in non-accountability and make empty promises or even more childish still empty threats. As such many places and many people online carry the name Jedi, but they are no more real than their fictional inspiration.

The Jedi Academy Online – the Jedi Foundation – 365 Jedi – these groups, ideals, the people involved seek to point out the core reality in the Jedi Path. The simple fact the the philosophy, the ideology is something one can live by in day-to-day life with beneficial results. Being a Jedi is and can be a reality. It is about personal exploration and growth. It is as much about helping others as it is about improving the self. It is about exploring real concepts such as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Real Philosophy, Real Practices, for Real Life. The Jedi Path was born from fiction, was inspired by it, but is very much grounded in the reality of better living everyday. To explore this, to show this, to validate this claim, we will be spending the next 365 days being Jedi. Two sites will be sharing this information at the same time – the Jedi Academy Online and the Jedi Foundation. You can follow along at either one. I hope you will join us.

Tomorrow begins the first of the 365 Days of Jedi. So feel free to bookmark us ( or Be well.