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Be a Jedi Master



Whether you have been on the Jedi Path for ten years or ten minutes be a Jedi Master. I am sure this sounds silly and wildly impractical. But really there is no reason not to seek to be the Master at this point. Failure doesn’t make you a failure, just another lesson. Success doesn’t mean the end, it is a continual process. So why not step up and simply be the Jedi Master you would like to be one day? Why not make one day, today? It may not be as difficult as it seems.

  • Embrace the Healthy – Physical health plays an active role in all our areas of wellness. But it is not the sole focus of the Jedi. Embrace healthy living. This means be aware of your intake on many levels. Food intake, sure, but also social intake. What are you digesting on a daily basis? What is your news feed and daily environment serving to you? Are you constantly bombarded with negative, hostile, and belittling behaviors and images? Embrace a healthy lifestyle. This means enjoying some exercise, adding some healthy snacks, getting your meditation on, and creating a more positive and nurturing environment for yourself. Take some time for yourself and seek to cultivate a daily life that pushes you in the direction you want to go. Don’t allow others to bury you under unhealthy habits.
  • Be Courteous and Respectful – A pretty simple concept, but one we sometimes forget to put into practice. The world can seem a bit overbearing and stressful at times. Yet it is still a wonderful and beautiful place. So don’t let the negative rule your focus. Instead meet each new situation and person as another chance to spread some goodness in world. Smile, offer a friendly greeting, be helpful. Perhaps the person deserves it or they don’t. Suspend judgment and simply treat all you meet with a general courtesy and respect. Accept them for who they are – a living being trying to make their own way in the world. A little kindness can go a very long way.
  • Accept the Challenges and Seek Out the Solutions – Life is a wonderful thing. You are alive and that is an amazing and beautiful thing. But it doesn’t not always feel like it. At times we are faced with some pretty tough challenges and we can forget to stop and appreciate the joy our world does offer. Accept the challenges which present themselves. Do not hate them, run from them, or regret them. Acknowledge them, embrace them, and accept them. Doing this gives you the power to affect change and overcome them.

    As such seek the solutions. Your focus is ever important in life. Don’t drown yourself in the problem, instead look deeply at it seeking the solution. When you encounter any challenge or obstacle, look for the solution to it. Troubleshoot, problem-solve, get elbow deep into it. Accept the challenge and find the solution.

  • Take the Time to Learn – When someone talks, listen. Take the time to truly learn their point of view. This is a great way to show courtesy and respect. But if you have a someone offering their story, their experience, stop and truly listen to what they are saying. If someone wants to show you how to do something, don’t let ego get in the way. Stop and accept the offer, the gift. You never know what you may learn. And yes, it may simply be how not to do something, but that in itself is still valuable. We all have experiences, lessons, and stories which can be of positive impact to other people. If you want to be heard, be the example. Take the time to listen and learn whenever the chances arises.
  • Keep the Basics at Heart – Appreciation and Gratitude are the most basic. Appreciate what you have and where you are at. You are not at the end of your journey, because you are still alive. Acknowledge that simple fact and own the moment, own the day, own your life. Remember that it wasn’t just you that got you to this point. Life has been a shared journey with many players. Some heroes, some villains, some offering the much needed comic relief. They all offer something of value and that should be appreciated. This moment isn’t promised to anyone, yet here you are, with a chance to make the most of it. So rock it out Jedi Master.

I am not looking for a friend, I am looking for a Jedi Master

I am not a huge Luke Skywalker fan. The character sort of rubs me the wrong way. Really it is just me think, grrr, I’d be a much better student and Jedi. But I the quote above fits me perfectly and my interactions and time with the Online Jedi Community. I should have just been quoting that from the very beginning at people. But as someone who tuned out Luke as much as possible, it never sunk in. Yet my mindset and approach from day one has been summed up nicely here. “I am not looking for a friend, I am looking for a Jedi Master.

Funny enough. I have found friends and not a single Jedi Master. I mean sure, plenty of people waving the title around like it is the Black Flag and they are Tortuga. But I haven’t actually met a Jedi Master. I recently correlated the dates of when I first began my online Jedi search. 1994 at CompUSA ditching sixth period class my freshman year of high school. 1990 was when I first saw Star Wars on VHS. And 1998 was when I fully committed to the online Jedi Community. So however you want to chop that up as a starting point, I have been doing this for a bit. I have met a lot of people. great people. Smart people. People with things worth teaching. I have definitely found some Jedi Knights in that time. And certainly I have found people who would be worthy of the title if they chose to follow the Jedi Path (I don’t believe in calling people Jedi, especially giving them rank, if they don’t follow the path). It is important to make note, because i think people get that confused. There are no Jedi Masters so this whole thing must be worthless. I fell into that trap once. I was disappointed and disillusioned. I just soldiered on. Kept reading, kept studying, kept living it as best I could, but missed a lot from experienced people. All because they were not Jedi masters.

I did not become a Jedi for the social aspect. Like everyone not a Jedi, I saw it for the silliness it was. To go around calling yourself a Jedi? Absurd. Borderline delusional. And online friendships meant absolutely nothing to me. No. I saw value in the concepts. I liked the lifestyle. I understood the depth of pain some Jedi characters went through and admired their ability to be even stronger for it. So I was not interested in buddy-buddy chatty time. It is why I never made an effort to stick around before 1998.  When it was chat rooms and role-playing and hanging out, I had no interest. My internet time was extremely limited. If I was going to spend on a computer with friends, well, my friends played DOOM and Warcraft and Monkey Island. Friendship I had and it was not what I was looking for. But….

It is something I found. For most of my online Jedi career, if you will, I have been considered stand-offish and prickly. Again, not looking for friends, looking for Jedi. I am not interested in popularity contest. I am interested in beneficial practical application that can be applied to my every day life.  All I could offer was me. Me as I am, online or offline. There is a difference of course. I cuss in-person whereas online I’d have to go out of my way to do that. My humor is a bit more dark and sarcastic in-person, which is hard to convey online. So the natural differences in writing and speaking present themselves, but I seek to be as open as possible so the difference between the two is as minimal as possible. The point being, when you do that people tend to respect it. And while my prickly reputation grew, so did my no BS policy, and people were able to respect that; even if they didn’t always like it.

Over time I came to trust people online. By 2002 I was on my way to the first Annual Jedi Gathering in Montana. Moved there that same year to be around other Jedi. I have been fortunate enough to make many friendships online and offline since my joining the Jedi Community. My major romantic relationships have been tied to the community. I have often life-long friends Id never had without the online Jedi Community. The emotions, the trust, the in-depth and intimate conversations allowed for relationships to grow. And out of that many friends were made. It is something I have been very thankful for. And I am glad to say I do not see and end to that. I have met new people and continue to do so. And the idea of those online meetings turning into fully realized friendships is something I enjoy and hope for.

I have yet to find a Jedi Master, let alone My Jedi Master. Never found my Yoda. The Jedi Community itself sort of took on that role and offered up a plethora of lessons, often mercilessly. The teacher known as life and experience can be a very harsh instructor. But a useful one. When you get kicked in the teeth by life, learn the lesson, so that you won’t have to repeat that lesson again. There will be others, but you definitely do not want repeats. But I digress once again.

I do not know if you, my one reader, came looking for a Friend or a Jedi Master. I am kind of mean to my friends. Brutally honest and giving a hard time. I am not a Jedi Master. Maybe one day, in twenty years or so. But what I can say is you will find a little bit of both at the Jedi Academy Online. Or in books, because my literary agent tells me I need to plug those. >_> Seriously though, Jedi we have. Understanding we have. Experience, Knowledge, and Empathy. Maybe you find lifelong friends in the Jedi Community, I hope so. If nothing else, I know you will find something of value. Information that will be useful to you and beneficial to you in your life. Maybe not a Jedi Master, but maybe a Jedi Friend.

Real Jedi Training Advice

I was recently asked my opinion of Solo Training vs. Training Programs. A Jedi was wondering the best way forward and who’s program they should give a shot too. After-all our time is limited and we won’t get to try them all. Take it from a guy who has trained in over 20 different training programs in the Jedi Community. So in crafting a reply to him there was a couple points I realized I wanted to share to those that might be interested.

Jedi training is not something to take lightly. Not because it is difficult or complex. You are training a new way of living. The Jedi Path is a lifestyle. It impacts how you live. Example, you will be required to focus on physical well-being. This means a type of physical fitness daily. You will be required to meditate daily. More accurately, twice a day. Meditation is absolutely core to the Jedi Way. There will be things you will be asked to memorize which have a direct bearing on your demeanor. Goals, traits, daily practices, this is what Jedi training is about. So it is important you find a Jedi group that not only resonates with you, but has a similar focus on the Jedi Way as you do. So there are some things to consider when looking for a place to further your studies and training as a Jedi.

First thing is to your preference on isms. Jediism – the Jedi Religion, Jedi Realism, and those that have a disdain for isms are your choices. Now if you are specifically about following the Jedi as your religion, as a religion, then you’ll really want to find a place that focuses on that. Temple of the Jedi Order, Church of Jediism, are a couple of examples of places that specifically focus on Jedi as a religion. If you feel Jedi Realism is more your thing, basically view Jedi as more spiritual rather than religious (so one can still be a Christian and a Jedi) than there are groups which focus on that aspect, such as the Institute of Jedi Realist Studies. Now most of these places will allow you to cross-over. They aren’t going to kick you out for being a Jediist (following Jediism) at a Jedi Realist site and vice versa. But you may find yourself often facing conflicting views and sentiments. It does happen.

At the Jedi Academy Online is where you find my personal disdain for these glass walls. I don’t like isms within the Jedi Path. I do not support them and find them utterly pointless. That is my personal opinion, but it is one you’ll find enforced throughout this website. It extends from over a decade of fighting against segregation within the Jedi Path. Red Jedi, Grey Jedi, Jedi Realist, Water Jedi, Zen Jedi, all silly non-sense which actually has no bearing what-so-ever on the Jedi Way. So if you find these isms and such silly and just want to be a Jedi Knight – you have found a kindred spirit. Okay, moving on.

The second thing is your preference on training style. Different Jedi groups offer different approaches to Jedi training.

  • Your younger Jedi groups have an Apprenticeship only approach. Basically they put all training, standards, and promotions in the hands of those they have dubbed Jedi Knights. So if Apprenticeship is your preference, this is one of your options. I do caution mindfulness however. Question, explore, and make sure your mentor is a good fit. Especially with groups that do apprenticeship only, your mentor will greatly impact your training and standards. Too often students have been given the three months and done treatment. So just make sure you enter an Apprenticeship you feel good about and feel will help you reach the level of Jedi you are hoping for.
  • Academy-Style is the name for pre-structured training programs. They are often several different classes in Jedi ideology which were written way in advance, sometimes years ago. These programs vary greatly form Jedi group to Jedi group. This is a style that sits well for more academic minded students. For people who enjoy the school type atmosphere of training and learning. These are generally a one-size fits all approach however. So you have to find flexibility in your own understanding rather than the classes adjusting to you. The other downside is often these programs lead to stagnation. They are already done, they are already set-up, explained, and have been tried by several students long before you, so don’t offer much engagement for the Instructors running them. As such many of the instructors get complacent and the training can seem to drag or get boring.
  • Most programs these days offer a combination of these two set-ups. Offering a basic introductory Academy style course. When one finishes that moving into the Apprenticeship stage of training. A kind of best of both worlds approach. And it is this that can offer the best system. It is certainly something I feel is a good approach for the Jedi Path. You definitely need that One-on-One approach to help develop individual Jedi. But you also want to ensure that the Jedi Foundation is being set and the core ideals flow among all Jedi. If a group offers this you can at least feel comfortable knowing all your fellow Jedi learned the same base foundation that you did.
  • Offline Training. A lot of people seek to get some offline training. There are some offline Jedi groups, such as Chicago Jedi. But these are often few and far between. And the standards are much like the community, based upon whoever is running it. The training can be a mixed bag as well. So again, do your research. Be sure you vibe with the group and feel it is a place you can grow as a person.
  • The Jedi Academy Online – We offer a little bit of a different approach at the JAO. Well, it might be more accurate to say we offer a bit of everything at the JAO though not in the same way as others. Memorization, Academy, Apprenticeships, all of these can be found and are used at the JAO. In-person training is available for certain areas. We also hold yearly events. 2015 offers the Jedi Celebration which is a 4 Day Cruise to the Bahamas. Good times. Anyhow, we are also a lot more strict here. As much as I tell me before they begin training that I will be tough and often employ the harsh truth and though love tactics many seem surprised by it. I have a fierce protective nature of the Jedi Path and its future. Which directly relates to standards and how one represents the Jedi Path. So the JAO is tough on all of its students. We believe with being open and honest with our fellow Jedi, even if the truth might hurt.

Overall you just have to find something that vibes with you. This might take some time and a few trial and errors. And that is okay. Nothing says you have to stick with the first place you find or the first place you begin training at. There are many places that will gladly help you fulfill your goal of becoming a Jedi Knight. It is a desired outcome. We would love to add to our quality and numbers, but our focus is making sure you are actually getting benefit out of it. Remember that Jedi training is about world-betterment through self-betterment. The Jedi Way is about positive and beneficial results. The Jedi Community isn’t going anywhere. So take your time. Find your home. And then grow along with your chosen Jedi group.


Falling in Love Again

I think I am in an abusive relationship….. with the Jedi. lol Nah. Nothing so dramatic. I just tend to fall in and out of love with the Jedi Path. And if I am honest it usually has absolutely nothing to do with the Path itself, but the community. The people who are associated with the Jedi. That and the work. Ah man. So much work. I am light years behind on all the things I need to get done. The abuse comes when I hide form my duties for various reasons and than find that – surprise surprise – there is a pile of work waiting for me.

And so I tackle it while in my loving state. i burn myself out working non-stop until it is pretty much done. And then, in my euphoria for the Jedi, I venture out to experience the beauty of hard work with my fellow Jedi. That is usually when the depression and lack of work ethic begins to set in. This isn’t to suggest no one else out there is working. Certainly not true. Many Jedi are putting in the work. We just tend to defer on ideology and standards of quality. So that disconnect tends to put a damper on the spirits.

It takes a reminder that we are all seeking the same thing. The betterment of our path. And that there are many roads and ways to reach that goal. And each project is a step towards progress. My agreement and enjoyment certainly is not required for something to be of worth and help progress the path. Which is good, because that would mean all of my own work wouldn’t count. It just makes the road I am on seem lonely at times.

Though these spurts of love and dedication always make me wonder what i could accomplish if I simply stuck to it year around. Steady work/progress I mean. You consider a weekend of no sleep and continual work is 72 hours. But you could probably get better quality if you spread it out say two to four hours a day. Which basically gives you  18 to 36 days to get the same work at a higher quality. And if you just continue on, certainly more would get done. Because I am pretty sure I am working at a 144 hours per year so far. And the results are not looking pretty.

lol I had some big plans for 2015. Those are definitely not going to happen. But we will get some new plans and new formats. Woo-Hoo!! I should probably make that a disclaimer on the website. Welcome to the Jedi Academy Online – Opie’s Playground. He will change things around twice a year at random intervals with no real reason or purpose. In otherwords, Welcome to Jedi Pandemonium.

Meh. Actually I just wanted to write about how I have found my love for the Path again. Not sure where or in what. Which kind of sucks, because that would be useful information. Basically I have enjoyed the holidays. Allowed myself to get fat and lazy and in that have decided enough is enough and time to get back to the grind.

Vacations happen with the Jedi. Not so much with the Philosophy. Not at all in fact. But certainly at a certain point we do allow our practices to slip for a bit. It is a bit of humanity re-charging time in my view. A time to just plug back into what most consider normal. Which varies for different families. For mine it is lots of food, alcohol, and spiced with football and Christmas decorations. So this time of year I tend to travel a lot, eat a lot, drink a lot, and fall out of my daily routines of meditation and working out. But never for long. Which I love. These days the Jedi nature just cannot put up with vacation for long. I get about a week in and than my body and mind both start yelling at me. Get back on the daily grind or face the consequences.

I have no idea what those consequences are. Last time I stayed stuck in that mode for any given length of time was when I was struggling with my divorce and the idea of losing the girl I loved. Even then I had to make the effort to fight my desire to simply get back to the daily Jedi training. I forced myself to wallow and really sink as far as I could get before I felt willing to move forward.

Anyhow. Love acquired. Or re-acquired. Which means – New Spartan Race!!! July 2015. AT&T Park in San Francisco. Luke went through Dagobah once. Real Jedi need continual testing and training. =P

Jedi and Religion

I have often spoken on Jedi, Religion, and specifically Jediism the Jedi Religion. However I want to retouch on the topic of Jedi and religion. And I feel like being kind, so I’ll spare you reading the entire post to get the point. So here is the main point, the Jedi, Path, Order, Group, Concept doesn’t care, dictate, or determine your Religion. Meaning you can be a Jedi and believe whatever you want spiritually speaking. Outside of human sacrifices. Pretty sure that would conflict with Jedi ideals of respecting life. But since most religions tend to actually go in the opposite direction, most are safe.

Here is the problem – in this completely open religious freedom people say Jedi is their religion. Which is their right. I personally do not agree with such, but that is why I do not call myself a Jediist, or say I follow Jediism, or say Jedi is my religion. I simply do not believe in those statements. Yet others are fully allowed to do so.

One of the great things I have found in the Jedi Path is the openness of belief and culture. I have met and gotten to know many great people who have shared insights into their religion and culture. All because the Jedi do not have a religious requirement. Atheist to Zionist, one is free to explore and live the Jedi Way within their own religious understanding. There is no push one way or another, there isn’t even a view of “hey we are all religions.” Instead it is – our door is open to all religions.

But really this is one aspect of the open door policy. Age, Sex, Religion, Nationality, Race, Poticial views, Social Status, Wealth, there is simply no requirement to be a Jedi outside of the desire to be a Jedi. This is one of the main concepts which has kept me involved with the Jedi Path. Even when I see people using horrendous fortune cookie quotes to try to sound wise under the Jedi name. I take heart in knowing that Agnostic to Taoism, Jedi is about being and living as a Jedi. Not using chopped up regurgitated 365 Zen to pretend to be Jedi – but rather exploring, explaining, and expanding our concepts and ideals; ultimately building a viable Path which is indeed Jedi – not misquoted Tao te Ching.

Be you Christian or Wiccan the Jedi is an open Path free of religious non-sense. A place where we simply  seek to live as Jedi in daily lives. In other words, using Jedi Philosophy in our everyday lives. Random musing inspired by Jediists. =)

Day 16: Recovery

Jump Rope 5 minutes.
30 box jumps
30 burpees
30 mountain climbers
30 triceps dips
30 lunges (each leg)
pull-ups till failure
Jump Rope 5 minutes

Nice recovery work-out. Really wore me out. I hope to be able, in one year, to up these to 50 and add in a 2 mile run before and after. With jump rope intervals (2 to 3 minutes between each exercise) rather than 5 minutes at the beginning and end.

Nothing really to talk about today. A boring day as a Jedi. Which is a good day as a Jedi in my opinion. Nothing really tested. Well – I did find out a Jedi Student I was being hard on has handicaps. But I don’t think I went full out Opie on him. But I did make it clear to him that I, as an individual Jedi, do not take any excuses. And I expect him to be a Jedi regardless – if this is his path and what he has chosen than I will be there to demand the best from him. And I expect him to fully live by the Path he has chosen. I don’t know if it will stick.

For me the Jedi need to be able to be open and honest with one another. Some people respond better to a gentle hand. Others really respond better to a heavy hand. This is the beauty and benefit of the diversity in the Jedi Community because you get that mixture in there. And if someone really vibes with a person and their approach that can be encouraged and cultivate that element of growth and betterment.

Which kind of goes back to that whole issue with isms and way back when colors. Either you are a Jedi or you are not. The individual uniqueness you bring to that role doesn’t require an isms or fancy different title. And separating ourselves has a negative effect because Jedi are missing out on that beauty of diversity and different view points. Instead communities are cultivating their attitude, their method, and nothing else outlook and attitude. Which hurts the younger Jedi and the students.

And that is why I still help out with certain Jedi projects. Such as the Real Jedi Enclave project. It is a worthwhile goal of growth. And cultivates a nice mix of viewpoints and approaches. All while having that core focus of Jedi in mind. As shame so many so-called Jedi cannot see the value in that and will die by their glass walls and lines drawn in the sand.

Day 15: Lazy Day #1

Not sure I’ll be able to keep track of these lazy days as I am sure they will pile up, but figured might as well list it. Got a minor work-out in. Basic tier one daily program times two. BBQ’ed today and celebrated the 4th of July quietly at home. Which mostly means hiding in the laundry room with my dog. He is terrified of the loud noises and the laundry room is not only the least noisy place in the house, but also has a loud fan to help filter out the noise. And I am not going to leave him in there alone and scared; at least not until bed time.

Project has gone as well as I originally hoped. Thought I’d have much more work done by focusing on a singular project, but that simply has not been the case. Perhaps there is something to be said for my wishy-washy demeanor which has me jumping from project to project based upon my inspiration at the time. *shrugs* But not even finished with the first week of a month yet, so no complaining and certainly no giving-up.

Still need to get in some decent meditation. Not sure if I’ll get it in tonight. May just wait until tomorrow. Which will probably be another day in the laundry room due to kids, no school, and plenty of left-over fireworks. But we’ll see how it goes.

Certainly was asked to help out at a Jedi Site. Seems a lot of drama happened recently. Same old same old from my experience (unfortunately). Creator/Founder unhappy with turn of events, makes a power-grab, and people react in different ways. I always felt and still feel that the react speaks volumes of character. Some run away, some wash their hands and move on, some fall in line out of fear of change, and some stand-up say enough is enough and make a change. Of course my respect goes to the individuals to step-up in challenging and difficult times and say – No, you cannot have this. This is not yours to take. This is my hard work, my passion, my soul, you no longer have claim. It is a beautiful thing. Especially when they help others crawl out from under such dictators and help them chart their own path.

Oh and find out there is a Jedi Picnic in Los Angeles. Held by Temple of the Jedi Force (Jediism) no less. >=D I am excited. That is all for today. To the United States – Happy 4th of July.

Day 7: Perishable Skills

When I was in the Police Academy they often used the term perishable skills. They would use this to denote that we had to keep up the practice on your own or are ability and quality would suffer. This applied from Arrest and Control skills to knowledge such as 10 Codes. I didn’t give it much thought at the time, but recently I was given an opportunity to apply for a Police Department (they invited me to test with them). In the process I noticed my knowledge had declined. Where I once knew the 10 Codes by heart, now I remember like 5 of them. Which means back to studying stage for me, especially if I process in the testing process.

I find this not only relates to the Jedi Path (and really a lot we learn in life), but is all too common in the Jedi Community. There is this set bar to reach. Here is some study material, here are some practices, okay good, now here is a test, already done deal – Jedi Knight. How many then continue those practices, continue to not only those practices but seek to go above and beyond? The truth is, not a lot. This is seen at Jedi Gatherings in a variety of ways. There is no progress, no improvement. People cling to “I can swing a foam ax around and shout, so I am a Jedi Guardian.” It is beyond embarrassing for individuals like myself. Especially when they do so in “Jedi Robes.”

In any case, the point is that the Jedi is a never-ending lifestyle of study, practice, and growth. You don’t get to leave the basics at the door. In fact my whole training system is a continual circle folding back into itself. Same core topics, same core ideals, revisited in different ways. Because this essence of the Path – there is the core ideals, but these things really do have levels of complexity. Peace in itself is not a single-facet element, neither is Knowledge. These concepts have multiple meanings and uses and can be approached in a variety of ways.

Thus for Jedi we have to continually keep up basic practices, basic exercises, basic ideals, going back to the basics and remembering to keep our skills intact or they will vanish on us and leave us open. I personally had to go through this with Meditation. I got to a point where I just stopped practicing Meditation. Hey, 10 years i the path, 10 years of practice, why do I need to continue it? I had survived days when I was busy and never got around to it. Thus – why continue? Well because it plays a core role in the development of a Jedi. And when you set aside the practice the benefits begin to wane – Perishable Skills, Perishable Results. And Meditation really does play a key part in many aspects of the Jedi – especially considering emotional and mental well-being.

Thus it is a reminder for me that the Jedi Path is a perishable skills path. There is no point you get to sit back and simply claim Masterhood. It is a continual growth and continual project. And as you grow, as you continue your practice and studies, the more you realize how young you were, and how much you have to learn.

You can learn things easy enough, but if you do not practice them, if you do not live by them daily, they will fall to the wayside and come worthless. Leaving you to start at square one. You cannot get so good at meditation or so great at physical fitness that you simply can stop and have the benefits last forever. It is continuous.


Yesterday I had a light work-out. A little jump rope, some push-ups, sit-ups. Nothing major ot worth noting. Today’s workout is as follows:
Jump Rope – 5 Minutes. 10 Burpees. 10 Push-ups. 20 Lunges. 1/4 Mile Run. Repeat 3 more times (4 Total). Cool down with active stretching.

Going to my old Jedi Meditation technique. See how that works.

And then the rest of the day will be spent working on a very important project (probably be the entire week). If this pulls through – new doors will be opening. And this will offer some new stuff for those at the Jedi Foundation.

Day 1: Explaining Jedi

I was asked to approach the subject of explaining being a Jedi to family and friends. And I figure that this is a great place to start in our 365 day journey. As we may get some visitors here who simply find the idea of being an actual Jedi insane. So I am a Jedi – how or why would I say this? The how and the why are tied together from my view. The validity on how one can claim to be a Jedi embodies why one might want to be one. It certainly fills why in what I am looking for. I’ll look to tackle some other issues as well though. First the How of Jedi.

The definition of a Christian is one who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ or of, pertaining to, believing in, or belonging to the religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is a common theme you see in definitions pertaining to religion. It is not much different for Jedi, we follow the philosophical and ideological concepts of the fictional Jedi has presented by LucasFilms and related projects. The major sticking point for some is the fact it derives from science-fiction. Where many would argue that Christianity, Buddhism, and the like do not. A debatable concept based upon belief and faith. Regardless whether one fully believes in all their religion teaches as fact or not, we can see the value of in many of the teachings.

What we can look at are the facts that many leaders and teachers in ethics, morals, and good behavior (religious based or not) used fictional stories to help convey their ideals and teachings. Because of the known element of Star Wars, the popularity of it within our times, people tend to get hung up on the science-fiction aspect and fail to look to beyond to what is being followed, what is being said.

Again though, people look and hear Jedi and think that is crazy. It is impossible. This is because of imagery. What do you think of when you think Jedi? Lightsabers? Space Travel? Force Powers, such as the Jedi Mind Trick? For me, it has always been philosophy, wisdom, strength (in mind, body, and spirit). Association is a powerful thing. When you talk to someone who doesn’t know the association you get a much better acceptance of what Jedi are.

This is because what Jedi do is not foreign concepts. We are not doing anything that people do not understand or already do themselves. Jedi focus on physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual well-being. We use mediums such as Meditation, Physical Fitness, and Conflict Resolution. We seek to cultivate patience, objectivity, self-discipline. We adhere to concepts such as Peace, Knowledge, Serenity, and Harmony. These aren’t crazy ideals or other-worldly. The problem many Jedi find is that in order to fit these things into our lives we have to dedicate ourselves to several different groups or paths in life to find this balance; this focus on the whole.

Not everyone needs or wants a complete focus. Many are happy with being a good Christian or getting to their Yoga class regularly or even doing both are a rich mix. For the Jedi find that the ideals, concepts, and practices of the Jedi offer this balance and whole in one area of focus. As well as offer the freedom of religion. One can be a Jedi and still follow their own religious beliefs. We have a very interesting mix of beliefs within the Jedi Community. And that appeals to many. For me, I simply like the concepts and lifestyle of the Jedi. Which will be exposed over the next 365 days or at least that is the hope.

There are various aspect you can look at to help get a better understanding of who the Jedi are and what they seek to accomplish. There are the Five Goals of the Jedi, the Jedi Circle which lists 25 concepts within the Jedi Philosophy, and the Jedi Code. I’ll get these up today so people can reference. The page/tab will be called About Us. Better than overloading this post with that information and better to have it as a permanent fixture.

Overall being a Jedi is simply a philosophical and lifestyle choice. We don’t focus on anything out of this world, we do not worship George Lucas, we certainly do not pray to Yoda or even believe him to be real. The Force is a general concept which is currently accepted as ineffable and up to personal exploration and specific definition. Jedi are very grounded in practical concepts of Service to Others, Self-Betterment, and overall personal improvement and well-being.


My Day:
Something I want to include in these are some of my goals for the day.

  • Edit and Clean-up my Resume. Print it out and send it off to a couple new opportunities.
  • Get the About Us section up on both sites. So people can look at the main ideals and texts of the Jedi.
  • Work-out – which for today is Cardio. So Jump-Rope, Mountain-Climbers, Shadow Boxing (since my heavy bag broke), followed with a long walk. How this work is increased reps. So I start off 2 minutes Jump Rope, 15 Mountain Climbers, and 2 Minutes Boxing. Then 3 Minutes, 20, 3 Minutes. 4, 25, 4. 5, 30, 5. This brings me to about 30 minutes of good cardio. Then it is off to walk the dog as a cool down.
  • Lastly, I want to make sure I get in some writing. At least 3000 words today.

I’ll update tomorrow on how that all went. Okay. Day One in the bag. 364 Days to go.

An Introduction:

The Jedi Academy Online was set-up for the purpose of educating people about the Jedi Path (Jedi Philosophy, Jedi Lifestyle, etc.). It was meant to serve as a place for those interested in learning more about the Jedi (or perhaps live as a Jedi themselves) to explore what the Jedi Path was all about. Over the first successful couple of years the direction and focus changed a bit to integrate and be a productive and leading organization in the overall Jedi Community as well as an offline organization.

With this thought in mind the name was changed to the Jedi Foundation and new training programs were put into place. The Jedi Foundation was able to continue the original goals and ideals of the Jedi Academy Online and is still in the habit of continually updating, revising, and progressing the Jedi training program. However, as often happens with internet communities (and sub-cultures) reality soon set in and disappointment followed.

The fact is the internet is still a place of escape for many. A place to vent what they would not say or do in-person. A place to relish in non-accountability and make empty promises or even more childish still empty threats. As such many places and many people online carry the name Jedi, but they are no more real than their fictional inspiration.

The Jedi Academy Online – the Jedi Foundation – 365 Jedi – these groups, ideals, the people involved seek to point out the core reality in the Jedi Path. The simple fact the the philosophy, the ideology is something one can live by in day-to-day life with beneficial results. Being a Jedi is and can be a reality. It is about personal exploration and growth. It is as much about helping others as it is about improving the self. It is about exploring real concepts such as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Real Philosophy, Real Practices, for Real Life. The Jedi Path was born from fiction, was inspired by it, but is very much grounded in the reality of better living everyday. To explore this, to show this, to validate this claim, we will be spending the next 365 days being Jedi. Two sites will be sharing this information at the same time – the Jedi Academy Online and the Jedi Foundation. You can follow along at either one. I hope you will join us.

Tomorrow begins the first of the 365 Days of Jedi. So feel free to bookmark us ( or Be well.