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Jedi Circle – Exercise Day 1


This is the first topic in the Jedi Circle and thus the first one I’ll be tackling. Exercise. It is one of the Five Habits and carries a very broad use. Exercise can be applied to all areas of our well-being. Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, all can be exercised in one form or another. But before I get into the topic specifically I wanted to talk briefly on the Five Habits or more to why they are called such. When I was developing the Jedi Circle for a long time I called these the Five Practices. Which is true enough, but I felt it was missing a key point of these practices being daily. During a conversation I was asked by a fellow Jedi how I kept up my practices on a daily basis and I mentioned that they were basically habit. It is just what I did when I woke up. Thus the title was renamed to enforce this concept. Exercise, Meditation, Acceptance, Acuity, Assiduity. These are daily things Jedi work on which formulate into habit.

Now as I was developing the Jedi Circle “Exercise” was actually listed as Physical Fitness for years. It is a core aspect of being a Jedi. Physical well-being. That is a very broad field and most think Body Builder, then they think Unnecessary and then they move on to something less taxing. This working out is only one aspect of physical well-being and that doesn’t mean power lifting. So knowing I need to really approach the topic with more depth I gave physical wellness its own category and changed Physical Fitness into Exercise.

Lots of things fall under the umbrella of exercise. Play Table Tennis for hour – exercise. Some may scoff, but we all have our own level of fitness. I spend about an hour and half every morning on physical exercise. I also spend about twenty minutes in my day on awareness exercises. I look to exercise my mental faculties as well, which takes a vary of forms. Logic puzzles, reading, learning something new. I seek to exercise my emotional well-being. Exercise covers such a broad spectrum of the self that it really serves as a great habit for the Jedi.

Throughout the week I’ll be looking to talk a little on various exercises I use in my day. And how you can use them as well. Time management is a factor and thus a lot of my exercises are two birds with one stone. With a little common sense you can adjust these to fit your life as well, if you are so inclined. But more than talk I will look to get a video or two to demonstrate these exercises. That is all I have for today. It is a busy day. Exercising my priorities. 😉