Four Somethings of the Somthing


Four Somethings of the Somethings – Entitled such because I have no idea. I just felt like writing. This is what came of that. So yeah….

1. Find Your Bliss.
Mine is Jedi. I know – weird. But when you look at the totality of the Path is covers all my little things that make me happy (from the daily practices, to the goals, to the general mission statement, I just enjoy it). So overall it is my Bliss and what serves as my truth, if you will. Your personal truth is for you. What is your sacred? We see underlying themes and concepts throughout human history and beliefs. Yet all have different flavors and focuses. What is your focus? What is your bliss? Once you have that there is little need to concern yourself with the warring “truths” out there (let them fight it out amongst themselves). Find Your Bliss and Live It. It goes a long way. How right. You are probably like – yeah, cause it is just that easy. Sometimes it is and the one thing getting in the way? Yep. You. Relax. Take a moment. What are the various things that make you happy? What do you enjoy? Why? How do these relate and play out in your life? Search for it and you will find it.

2. Befriend Your Thoughts.
A hard task when sometimes your thoughts are the meanest and most nastiest voice ever to exist. Some of the things you say to yourself? Shame on you. Or maybe that is just me. I know I can beat myself up way better than anyone could ever hope. So do not wage war. Instead turn those very strong thoughts into allies. Start developing the pattern of recognizing the negative thoughts. Face them, stop them, and then counter them. “Is that true?” Make it a new habit to acknowledge the flip-side. To be fair and honest with yourself. To not belittle yourself, but instead offer yourself fair evaluation. And remember – just because you think you did poorly, doesn’t mean you actually did. Listen to the input of others. And do not dishonor or disrespect their opinion by pushing it aside with self-deprecating thoughts. Instead listen with an open and fair mind. Let your thoughts not be your bully, but your friend. And when your fair thoughts are like – “Nope. You failed there blockhead. And here is why, because being fair…” acknowledge and grow from it. Use it to improve. Thank yourself for the good reflection and lesson. And get on to getting better.

3. You Are Not a Caged Monster.
Do not run from yourself. You are not some monstrous beast to be punished or feared. You are a perfectly flawed individual just like the rest of us. As equally as screwed up as the rest of humanity. Congratulations. The simple fact is we all have an area within ourselves we do not like to confront. However that is the true darkness. Allowing our fear to create ignorance and dark areas within ourselves. Your emotions are not your enemy. Pain is not your enemy. Sometimes these things do not feel good at all. They make us cry and really make it hard to love and befriend ourselves. But that doesn’t change with ignoring it either. Embrace the entirety that is you. Acknowledge and Accept. And then, and this is the important part, Find Your Bliss, Befriend Your Thoughts, Laugh at the Absurdity of it All, and Determine Who You WANT to Be – then go be that. If you can dream and see yourself as the Hero, be the damn hero. It is well within your ability. The only thing holding you back is you. So step out of the cage and be who you chose to be.

4. Laugh at the Absurdity of it All.
Life doesn’t care how serious you take it. The sun will rise whether you worry about it or not. The stars in the sky care nothing for your stress and complaints. So you can go through life in a very serious and overly stressing manner. The day will not alter. Likewise you can be a bit more carefree, smiling and laughing at the interesting twists and flow of life. The universe will continue on either way. The real question is not how will your attitude effect the world, but how does you attitude affect you? Which would you rather be as the universe continues on? The one laughing or the one stressed? I mean, come on. Even this article has to make you want to laugh. “Oh. There is Opie with his self-help non-sense again. And he calls this Jedi. BAH!” Or maybe I just wrote out another example of the previous. In any case – the universe continues on. Have a laugh or two – the stars will totally appreciate it.