Online Jedi Training

Is a fallacy…. To get all Jedi Code-y on it – There is no online training; there is online guidance. All training is done offline. Whether one gets that material online or not is rather irrelevant. Meditation is done offline. Physical fitness, offline. Study materials, even if read on a kindle or a laptop, is still done in an offline environment, despite the source of reading being “online.” Community service, offline. Even if one pursues energy work, this requires practice that is done offline (even if alone). I really can’t think of one example of online training. Materials, syllabus, study guides, all these things can be gained online. And doing so does NOT devalue them at all. Online is a source, a place that allows the free-flow of information to all who are able to access it.

Yet in the Jedi Community there seems to be this nose up in the air mentality when “online Jedi training” is mentioned. As if it is looked down upon. And that has just never made any sense to me. The way the community is set-up, we are really our own Jedi Masters. But even if we had a Jedi mentor in-person, right next to us, we would still be our own Jedi Masters. It is the whole integrity thing. What do you do when no one is watching? How do you act when left to your own devices? In the end, no matter the training program. In-person, online, academy, whatever, it all comes down to you. You can be given the best training program ever, but if you have no desire and drive to follow it then it will not matter. Likewise if you are given a mediocre training program but you are all about the training, you will turn that into something much more. You will grow beyond it and seek out more valuable sources. Training – Jedi or anything – comes down to you. The time, energy, and effort you put into it.

Online/Offline training is just another glass wall of the community. Something to trip people up. Training is the key word. And whether your source material came from an online website, a published paperback book, or an old handwritten Jedi manual doesn’t matter. While one may be cooler than the others, the quality of the training will be reflected in yourself. It is you that decides how much use you will get out of it. Jedi Training, in any format, is a worthwhile pursuit. And if anyone gives you grief and says something lik,e “Well I train offline, not online.” Feel free to remind them that you do as well. Because being a Jedi is something one lives.