Opie Rant: Knowledge Over Ignorance

William Shakespeare (Twelfth Night, Act IV, Scene 2)

I must admit that I am still surprised by and taken aback by “Jedi Masters” which fail to grasp the most basic foundations of our path. Knowledge is one of those focuses that all Jedi agree on. Whether you adhere to the Three Pillars school of thought, which lists Knowledge as the Second Pillar. Or you hold to the Jedi Code which has the Second line as There is no ignorance; there is knowledge or Ignorance, yet knowledge. If you follow the Jedi Creed, Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training. If you just keep the movies as pure inspiration – “a Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense.” I mean anywhere you look within the inspiration and context of the Jedi Path Knowledge is simply a cornerstone which is undisputed.

So when correction is given on minor mistakes, why do so-called “Jedi masters” respond with the wit of a six year old? Jedi Lesson 324: Rolling your eyes is not an appropriate response to education. Maybe if you are a 13 year old Jedi Padawan with a high level of sass (Obi-Wan, I am looking at you). But it is seriously unbecoming of an adult who was not even the focus of the correction. And allow me to share the correction with all of my fellow One Reader. Jedi is the plural of Jedi. This is a common mistake for a lot of people new to the Jedi way. They will type out Jedis. To inform someone of this is not nitpicking grammar, but a simple note worth remembering for future uses. Now the person who was “corrected” tipped the hat, acknowledged it, and was like “got it.” No fuss no muss. Fair deal everyone goes about their business – as any Jedi would expect.

But a “Jedi master” decides he is not in favor of this ‘nitpicking of grammar’. “I shall not join Opie in finding every fault in your grammar!!!… Lol… *eye roll*” So have I like gone back to elementary school and no one told me? Knowledge Over Ignorance is a pretty standard concept for the youngest Jedi. And I would certainly prefer to be informed of a rather simple correction than be allowed to continue to go around making an incorrect statement. Opie, you spelled Zimbabwe wrong. You had an a at the end. – Oh. Thanks, good catch. Knowledge over Ignorance – that could literally be the second lesson for most Jedi.

So – to all my would-be and awesomely rocking it Jedi: Remember that learning something new is a good thing. And it should not be taken or viewed with contempt or eye rolling. Actually be a Jedi. Acknowledge the lesson, accept it with grace, and apply it when necessary. And if we are ever at a Jedi gathering together and you roll your eyes in the face of knowledge know you better have excellent Jedi reflexes; because a lightsaber will be flying your head. Forewarned is forearmed. Boom! More knowledge. Cheesy_Grin_by_melonhead_emotion Hey! I saw that. Don’t roll your eyes at me. stinkeye … cough