Personal Update:

Get it done. Put in the work daily. These are things I have told myself constantly. I am a master procrastinator and it is a battle to really ensure I follow through. Unfortunately I got one of those reminders of how important this is this week. I have been working toward a dream of mine. And I woke-up Tuesday with a message saying – give me your finished dream. But…. its not finished. I bought myself 48 hours. And in those 48 hours I did almost the exact amount of work that I had been doing for months. In those 48 hours I did absolutely nothing but work, nap, partake in some food, and indulged in a shower (hoping it would help refresh my mind). I did make the deadline. Of course I 100% loathe the work that was done. I do not like it and want to burn it all. Fortunately I cannot and do not even get the option were I able. Still it was a valuable wake-up call and experience.

I do work well with a set deadline. I do not work well with a huge amount of work in a very short time. My current schedule for working on my dream is woefully lacking. Not only that, but I have clearly been to caviler with my time management with it. So adjustments will be made and I will take this as the harsh lesson it is. I may have in fact torpedoed my dream all because I was being way to lax about my approach to my work ethic. There are rarely second chances when it comes to dreams and I already had mine. So not sure where this will leave me. Still I am not giving up. I am improving. I will take the work I have done and make it even better. And should it be called upon again I will have a much better product to deliver. Will that opportunity arise? Who knows. All I can say is that this has been an illuminating experience. Not the best feeling in the world, but I have decided to approach it with the mentality to be better because of it.

Just felt kind of defeated and worn out yesterday. And still having lingering effects of that today. So here I am typing it out and making sure I get my head right. Now. Time to get back work.