SDCC: The Force Awakens Panel

The battle of generations has begun. It is a silly battle of course. One that still hinges on a lot of speculation. Abrams and many Star Wars fans grew up with the Original Trilogy and were greatly impacted by it. The Hero’s Journey they experienced with Luke, Han, and Leia inspired a generation. In 1999 a new journey was created specifically aimed at the next generation and it hit its mark. Many younger Star Wars fans grew up with Anakin’s journey, with Qui-Gon, and young Obi-Wan. They enjoyed the style and presentation in which the journey and characters were presented. Add in Ahsoka and now Ezra and you have many Star Wars fans highly accustom to CGI and animated effects.

The comments on practical effects were not digs. They were a generational outlook. A desire to get back to hands-on effects and feel. This is absolutely no surprise since the people pushing the most for the sequel was the generation that fell in love back in 1977. This was a concern for many Star Wars fans So there is a focus to ease that worry for the original fan culture of Star Wars. For the people who wanted in ComicCon like lines to watch the original trilogy in theaters. Those comments were directed to them, but to bash or dig at the prequels.

Look at Abrams work and you can see the clear use of computer generated special effects. There will be a balance. It is demanded by the type of cinema that dominates these days. But it is purely 100% simply a generational focus. It is merely the older generation saying – “Hey, we want to recapture that feeling we had with the original trilogy.” They didn’t get that with the prequels, because the prequels were not made for that purpose or for that audience. ((This is all generalization by the way. Obviously their are outliers – I myself enjoyed both trilogies.))

Point is – movie is not out. What we have seen thus far has been good stuff. For everyone. There have been some original trilogy squeal moments. There have been some fun fly-bys that give you more of that action and movement feel from the prequels. Until December we won’t truly know. And any derisive bickering over what was said and in what context with what tone of voice and blah blah blah is all moot. The six films are canon – Disney gets that say and they have had their say. The new films will set new canon. And the younger Star Wars fans will just have to put up with any changes like all the older fans had to do with the prequels. lol We are all excited and nervous. We all have our favorite moments and films of the franchise. Some still love the 80′s Ewok adventures (crazy, right?). These new films are made with love and a focus on what inspired the individual filmmakers (and that will mostly be original trilogy stuff – at least until about 10 to 15 years when those inspired by the prequels are the ones running shop).

So Star Wars fans – relax. Enjoy the ride. Embrace a new adventure. And stop with the finger pointing. It is silly. Love YOUR Star Wars, which ever it may be. And let other people enjoy THEIR Star Wars.