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Five Steps to Jedi Calm


One.) Acceptance is Peace.
In order to correct a problem we must accept that there is a problem. It is the first step. Acceptance is acknowledging and allowing something to exist. Most feel acceptance is passive. You accept and so you just leave it. “I accept injustice in the world, so I won’t do anything about it.” But that is not full acceptance. You have to accept your world, but also yourself. And that means accepting all of you. Your strengths, your weaknesses, the things you like, and the things you don’t. It is okay if you feel you have darkness in you – philosophically debatable, but if that is the label you use then accept your darkness as well. This allows you to fully address all situations you find yourself in because you know your limits and how far you are willing to go. So our first step to Jedi calm and peace is to accept the universe and ourselves.

Two.) Measure the Risk, Embrace the Now.
Too often we can get caught up in the what if scenarios. The potential hazards and consequences of a situation. Our minds can process hundreds of scenarios where something bad happens. And sometimes we feel anxiety and have no real reason, we just are worried. Focus yourself on the risk, regret, reward. Not worse case scenarios, we know those readily and easily. Instead think on the moment. This moment – what is the risk of doing? Will you regret not taking this opportunity? What about in a year, five, ten? Is this moment worth the leap? Measure your risk, sure. Be rational and consider your options, but don’t live so far in the future of endless possibilities that you never live for the moment and act in the present.

Three.) Acknowledge the Warning, Forget the Worry.
Fear is a natural response to what our instincts tell us is dangerous. That we are about to do something we are not comfortable with and don’t feel confident in doing. It is not bad or evil or dark. It is just a natural process. The issue arises when we allow fear to create worry and distract us from what is right in front of us. The endless possibilities of consequences and bad things that could result if this happens or if that happens. Worrying is a hamster running on a wheel. There is a lot of movement, a lot of energy, but no progress and no advancement. Acknowledge and accept the fear. Thank yourself for the warning. Measure the risk, and then embrace the moment. Worrying about it won’t change it.

Four.) Focus on Your Reality
We all know the Qui-Gon quote. Direct your attention where it will be most beneficial. You have accepted and embraced, now it is time to just focus. Steady the mind and hone that energy and focus onto something productive. If you are lost in thought on some what-if scenario you could miss important signs. You may not react or respond properly. Keep your attention here and now, because this is the moment that requires your attention. So focus on where you are and what you are doing. Hmm?

Five.) Just Live.
In the end forget all this nonsense and just live your life. Be happy. Enjoy the ride. It is going to end eventually anyhow. No one lives forever. No sense in wasting what time you have trying to be something that doesn’t make you happy. Being with someone who doesn’t make you happy. Refusing to do anything that you might enjoy because it is safer to do nothing. Live. Embrace your life. Whether that is the Jedi Life or the Snowboard life. Whatever. Just live. And if that means staying in a bed reading an endless pile of books because that is what makes you happy – then go for it (I mean you will have to work to afford more books and hot cocoa and such, but still). Point being is to simply live the life you want to live to the very best of your ability. Do that and you’ll build that inner calm within.

Seeking Peace through the Jedi Lifestyle

Many seek to find a more peaceful life. One not defined by the hustle of life. The Jedi Way often talks of peace and peace of mind. But what ideas can we applied directly to our lives from our fictional counterparts to make that a reality?
“Conquer Materialism” – The desire for more is not a bad thing, but certainly moderation is key. The newest this or the slimmer that – are they needs? All material things are impermanent and will require replacing eventually. Enjoy what you have now. It may not be the best or where you want to be, but that doesn’t take away from the great things you do have in your life. The necessities of life, Water, Food, Shelter. So yes, enjoy that phone or computer (however you are reading this), but don’t get lost to the chase for more, more, more , more. Embrace your now and be content with what you do have.

“You were right about one thing master. The negotiations were short.” – If you cannot laugh at the situation or yourself you may be taking things a bit too seriously. This isn’t to say that a situation isn’t serious, but a dose of humor goes a long way to ensuring we don’t get caught in a stressful way of thinking. Laugh, Smile, seek the messed up humorous side of it all. Life can be pretty ridiculous, best to laugh with it.

“Jedi are encouraged to love.” – Love freely and openly. No that does not mean try to sleep with senators from Naboo. It means that this world has many great things to truly appreciate, enjoy, and love. Pets, family, friends, significant other, love deeply, richly, and openly. Again, nothing lasts forever. So enjoy these memories and relationships and connections while they are here. Do not worry about some ‘what if’ – instead embrace the love now with all your heart. Especially for pets. Give them pets and treats for me.

“Concentrate. Concentrate.” – Meditation. Focus. A daily routine and practice of meditation makes a impact. There is no – doing it wrong. Do a little research, find a meditation technique that you find enjoyable. Set it into your daily routine. We have a couple videos that may help. Whatever works for you. Do it and reap the benefits of cultivating a center of calm. It is well worth the investment.

“Keep your concentration here and now where it belongs.” – The major theme here. Yes, future plans and goals are important. Yes, the past provides valuable lessons to learn from. But happiness, peace, these are found in this very moment. It is a choice. Turn off the tv, go admire the beauty and wonder of nature (even a local park in the city provides this). Just 10 minutes of not drowning yourself in media and noise – instead spend it outside just taking in the world around. Life. Concentrate on the moment – this time. This is for you. You have this moment – what will you do with it? Hopefully close this article and go enjoy what the moment has to offer. Even if that is merely looking out the window of your office building at the sky above.

Five Steps to Jedi Acceptance


First understand that there are different levels of acceptance. This isn’t an all or done sort of thing. Understand that acceptance doesn’t mean passivity. Acceptance does not equal inaction. Just because you accept your boss is a jerk and accept that is who they are, doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about your situation. The first step to correcting any problem is accepting that there is a problem. You need to acknowledge and accept the issue then you can begin to work on it. This is the first level of acceptance – that there is something you need to address.

Next step is to understand not everything is about you. When someone is a jerk (using our previous example) that is about them. Even if they seem to only be a jerk to you specifically, it is still their issue. They are the one with the problem and inability to express and communicate like a rational adult. Instead of addressing whatever -their- issue may be, they have decided to act out in a childish manner. This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their own issues. Once you can accept that it isn’t about you then you can focus on what you can do.

The next step is a bit tricky, because it does have something to do with you. More specifically you have to be aware of your motivations. A lot of our inability to accept something is because we have a very strong desire to be something else. We cannot accept that this person is a jerk because we expect and want them to be better. We expect them to be someone of quality and hold them to our own standards. It is not allowing people to be their normal messed up selves. So we find we cannot accept a situation because we have this expectation. The question then is – why do you have this expectation? What is motivating this desire to see a different reality then the one being presented to you? Try to let go of those expectations and simply accept what is presented to you and work from that rather than an idea of what it “should” be.

This brings us to our next step which is probably the most helpful. Your focus determines your reality, right? So adjust focus on solutions, not problems. You have probably heard that presented to you a bunch of times. The reason being is because it does wonders. When faced with a tough situation turn your eyes toward solutions rather than blame. Don’t look to blame anyone, including yourself, it is wasted effort. Instead find the solutions to the issue. There are usually many options available so look for them. Work through them. Find the best option for you. And if there is no solution to be had – look for the things within your control. What can you do? Where can you put your time, energy, and focus? Accept that you have control over you and where you put your time and energy and then use that ability to focus on more productive and happier things.

Last step is the over-used let it go. Don’t hang onto the past. You do what you do and then move forward. You make your decision and move forward. You don’t have a time machine. You cannot go back and change things, but what you can do is live in this moment to your fullest. You can learn from the past and use it to help create a brighter future. Shouldn’t have skipped that workout? You let that guilt go and when a day comes and you don’t feel like working out, you do a light workout knowing at least you did something. Stepped in some gum? Deep breath, done deal now, scrap it off, and move forward. Should have taken that job offer a couple years back? Keep an eye for a similar opportunity, never too late to take a new direction in life.

Acknowledge, Accept, Act (inaction counts, sometimes patience is the best action), and Move Forward. Acceptance is about realizing that we are always in motion, always moving forward. We have no reverse in this life. So deep breath – what is done is done – the question is now what – then go do that smarter and wiser for it.

Jedi vs. Internet Culture (aka Trolling)

Okay. So it has been brought to my virtual door much more than once today (not to mention in the previous days) that “trolling” is (once again – I have been doing this awhile) becoming a problem in the Community. And people have asked me why, how, what to do. So I figured I’d type something up that up be used by whatever Jedi Community that cares to use it. So lets break this down into the two separate issues and then see how we can address it as Jedi.

First, lets take a moment to remind ourselves what being a Jedi is. Personally I like to use a very simple (albeit altered) form of the Jedi Circle. It is as follows:
The Five Practices – Meditation, Physical Fitness, Diplomacy, Awareness, and Self-Discipline.
The Five Tenets – Peace, Knowledge, Serenity, Harmony, and the Force.
The Five Traits – Patience, Objectivity, Reliability, Modesty, and Gratitude.
The Five Truths – Self-Honesty, Learning, Guidance, Sacrifice, Commitment.
The Five Goals – Train Diligently, Render Aid, Defend Those in Need, Provide Support, and Study the Force.

Okay pretty simple and easy stuff. I don’t think there is anything there which anyone would say is – unJedi-like. There might need to be some explanations or something to make people more comfortable with the word choices, but we’ll leave that alone for now. Point here is we can see a very easy and simple outline that we can all reasonably expect any and all Jedi to be following and living by in their daily lives. There is nothing that is really Opie or Jedi Living specific there. So nitpicking aside, we will assume we can use this as our frame of reference and most basic code of conduct.

Next, lets take a look at Internet Culture. It is a very fluid thing that works very well off of interaction of any kind. It seems to thrive in conflict. If you want examples of internet culture head over to 4chan and BuzzFeed for a bit. Enjoy the variety of YouTube comments. It fluctuates between itself on love and hate and really has made a business out of Click-Bait Headlines and ill-informed reporting. Opinion pieces based upon half the information is your basic internet culture and F-U! if you don’t like it. It is silly, entertaining in small doses, but generally just people shouting as loudly as possible and as wildly as possible to be noticed and given attention. And the real catch? That somehow everyone’s opinion is just as valid and just as right. Doesn’t matter if it is factually wrong – each opinion should be allowed its time in the limelight to be heard and mocked and praised.

The Issue? The Jedi Community was born online, has evolved online, and currently uses the online medium as its main source of communication and training. Some people have an issue with this. I do not. Of course I grew up with it. Meaning in 1995 when I first found the seeds of the online Jedi Community and in 1999 when I decided to stop being a spectator I had accepted this medium as capable of teaching the Jedi Way to others. And for the most part that has proven true. And the challenges to it has helped us grow in many ways. In fact I was forced to learn a lot more about English, Typing, and Grammar because of my online interactions with the Jedi Community. I mean, my writing and typing skills still suck, but you should have seen it back in 1999. But I digress.

The Point is the Jedi Community is front and center with Internet Culture. And the more mediums we chose to use (YouTube for example) the more we open ourselves up to internet culture. And this will create conflict because Jedi Culture and Internet Culture do not equal up. They are oil and water, not Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows. So when (not if) we are faced with the troll – what do we do as Jedi? What is a Jedi’s response to Trolling? Well there are two ways to go about this. First Solution – Be a Jedi. Hold other Jedi Accountable to that. Problem solved. Of course if everyone who carried the Jedi title acted as a Jedi we wouldn’t be here. So…. Lets break this down into three things.

1. What is it? – Purposeful and Conscious Offensive Language and Behavior; Meant to incite Extreme (usually negative) Reaction. Unapologetic in its use. It is will use ill-formed sources and false facts to make outrageous and offensive claims.
2. How do we recognize it? – “Sexism doesn’t exist because men can be in abusive relationships to.” That is a comment meant to grab attention and offend every logical sense in your brain. This is why Jedi are very easy targets. Jedi prize Knowledge and reliable information. They enjoy education and growing as a person and society. So attack that with non-sense claims and half-truths and Jedi will automatically want to correct the misinformation being said and spread. The real problem is that often is misinformation is being spread under the Jedi, as the trolls in our Community tend to wield Jedi Knight and Jedi Master titles. I apologize – Very Offensive Example Upcoming, please skip if underage or just don’t want/need it – So when you something like, “Fuck you faggot. You are wrong. Sexism is a socio-political scheme made up by sex-starved women who just want attention.” That is trolling to the fullest. And Jedi Example of Trolling – “If you don’t have a Black Belt you are not a Jedi.” Jedi-Troll. Because it is silly, ill-formed, and meant to cause squabbling.
3. How do we deal with it? And hopefully stop it? – Be a Jedi. Okay okay okay. So how do you deal with it. Remember that Jedi are not an all-tolerant doormat of bigotry. Jedi are to be held accountable for their words. Jedi Knight even more so. Jedi Master even more so. – Opie But Jedi are human- They are, but being a Jedi is a lifestyle. It is part of how we approach topics, discussions, and each other. So hold it to the Jedi Circle. Is this showing patience, awareness, diplomacy? Is this objective and knowledgeable? Know what forget all that. Self-Discipline. If a person, if a Jedi (especially a Knight or Higher) does not have the Self-Discipline to restrain themselves in online communication – where one can easily walk away. Where one has to sit down, type out, and formulate their thoughts. If a Jedi cannot show even self-discipline to respond online in a manner befitting a Jedi (and I don’t mean all rainbows and balloons – a Jedi can be blunt and use Tough Love) then how could you ever believe or expect them to have that self-discipline offline? How can you assume they have self-control in real-time in-person situations when they can’t even pretend to be a Jedi online? Use it to my era’s problem, fake Jedi. Anyhow. How to Stop it? Create a Code of Conduct in line with your Jedi Ideals. Make every single Member aware of it. Hold every single Member Accountable to it (regardless of title or rank). Be Fair, Be Objective, Don’t Play Favorites, Make People Accountable and Responsible for their Words and Actions. Those unwilling – remove them. Problem Solved.

This has been an Opie Rant Brought to by the Letter D.  As in I’m Done.

Creating a Jedi Mood/Day


Or Five Steps to Creating a Light Side Day. I am really horrible at naming these silly things. Okay, sappy Jedi time….

Step One: Stop! Number one Jedi practice time – deep breath. Take a minute. One minute. Just close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Got more than a minute? Get a glass/bottle of water and find a nice view. A tree, a bird singing, the lights of your cityscape, a park, the clouds in the sky. Pick something and just enjoy a moment of quiet for you. Enjoy your water and then go attack the day like you’re Obi-Wan and the day is Darth Maul.

Step Two: Lightsaber Duel! Okay, you may not be able to do this. Maybe bust out the lightsaber and simply practice Form One (Shii-Cho, Way of the Sarlacc, Determination Form) for a little. Okay. Some may not be able to do that right now either. Okay. How about just quickly rocking 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, and 15 squats? Bam! Just a little something to get some blood flowing. Here – I’ll start….. Okay. Your turn.

Step Three: Patience my Jedi friend. Time is a tool to be used, use it wisely. There is a time to press forward and a time to just allow things to unfold. Not everything happens when we want it to, but that doesn’t mean that it will NEVER happen. You have to be patient at certain times. Most of all you have to exercise patience with yourself. You are not infallible, you are not an all-powerful god, you are a perfectly flawed human being. So take it a day at a time, keep your focus on the present moment.

Step Four: Remember that you got this. It can seem overwhelming and crazy and just WAY too much, but You Got This. You will survive this and be better for it. Doesn’t matter what the day holds for you – because you are a Jedi and you are awesome. And you have a pretty good record thus far – survived 100% up to this point. So keep that up.

Step Five: Smile. Hold that for twenty seconds. Next, share that smile with someone today. Make it your mission. Sincerely wish someone a great day (or good, wonderful, nice, etc.). Hold a door open for someone. Give a big hug to the next family member you see. End every conversation with, May the Force Be With You. Okay, you don’t have to do that last one. But I telling you, smiles and confused replies to giggle with if you do.

Just be happy. I know life can be crappy. Very few of us are where we want to be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. So really, just embrace life (even for a day). Just take the good, bad, and the absolutely insane as a learning experience. Don’t judge it. Don’t label it. Just grasp the day, accepting it without judgment, and determine to enjoy it despite the struggle. Be happy Jedi – you deserve it.

Four Tips to Improve Your Jedi Training


1.) Exercise: Mind and Body. You probably hear this advice all the time. Get out and get some exercise. Chemically you produce endorphin which, awesome. It provides a time to focus and clear the mind. A it addresses point number three by punishing the past you, gives a good experience for present you, and a nice gift for future you. Exercising is just good for you. But don’t forget that muscle in your skull. Exercise by reading and studying. Fictional or otherwise, pick up some books and experience and explore some new ideas, feelings, and concepts.
2.) No Days Off: Jedi is a lifestyle, not a job. You don’t get a weekend to forget being a Jedi. This doesn’t mean no fun of course. Plenty of fun to be had as a Jedi, of course. And there will be days where you just don’t want to do ANYTHING. But just before you go to bed a bit unhappy that you in fact didn’t do anything. Stop. Do one push-up and one sit-up. Pick up a book and read one sentence. Recite the Jedi Code in your head just once. Take a deep breath and remember point four. Now you can go to bed. Just one, you can do at least that. Because one is not nothing.
3.) Honor All of You: The Past, Present, and Future all factor into our lives. Acknowledge your past self. While you may not agree with past decisions, they have helped lead to to this moment. Be grateful for that. You are alive and in a position to doing something. You can drive towards your goal. Secondly, we hear it a lot. Focus on the present. Embrace this moment because it is very important. Indeed, “keep the mind here and now where it belongs.” Vital and plays a part to the person we usually hurt the most – our future self. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Be kind to that future you. Understand you will be there, your next moment depends on this one, so do right by it. Give your future self something to be grateful for. Stop hindering and harming yourself and start building the steps that you’ll use to get to the next level.
4.) Accept It: This is most important. Some might label this – Forgive Yourself. Either way the point is the same – realize that what is done is in fact done. You will make mistakes. You will have days where you do one push-up, one sit-up, and read one sentence, because you just couldn’t get going. We all have bad days, rough weeks, and sometimes horrible months. Do not let it define you. Do not get so down on yourself that you give up. Accept it. Forgive Yourself. Move Forward. Right now. You can make the decision to simply let go and move forward. Difficult? Absolutely. Impossible? Of course not. Will it take time? Yep. Effort and hard work? Yep. Will it be worth it? Ab-so-Forcing-lutely. So accept and continue towards your goal Jedi.

Be a Jedi Master



Whether you have been on the Jedi Path for ten years or ten minutes be a Jedi Master. I am sure this sounds silly and wildly impractical. But really there is no reason not to seek to be the Master at this point. Failure doesn’t make you a failure, just another lesson. Success doesn’t mean the end, it is a continual process. So why not step up and simply be the Jedi Master you would like to be one day? Why not make one day, today? It may not be as difficult as it seems.

  • Embrace the Healthy – Physical health plays an active role in all our areas of wellness. But it is not the sole focus of the Jedi. Embrace healthy living. This means be aware of your intake on many levels. Food intake, sure, but also social intake. What are you digesting on a daily basis? What is your news feed and daily environment serving to you? Are you constantly bombarded with negative, hostile, and belittling behaviors and images? Embrace a healthy lifestyle. This means enjoying some exercise, adding some healthy snacks, getting your meditation on, and creating a more positive and nurturing environment for yourself. Take some time for yourself and seek to cultivate a daily life that pushes you in the direction you want to go. Don’t allow others to bury you under unhealthy habits.
  • Be Courteous and Respectful – A pretty simple concept, but one we sometimes forget to put into practice. The world can seem a bit overbearing and stressful at times. Yet it is still a wonderful and beautiful place. So don’t let the negative rule your focus. Instead meet each new situation and person as another chance to spread some goodness in world. Smile, offer a friendly greeting, be helpful. Perhaps the person deserves it or they don’t. Suspend judgment and simply treat all you meet with a general courtesy and respect. Accept them for who they are – a living being trying to make their own way in the world. A little kindness can go a very long way.
  • Accept the Challenges and Seek Out the Solutions – Life is a wonderful thing. You are alive and that is an amazing and beautiful thing. But it doesn’t not always feel like it. At times we are faced with some pretty tough challenges and we can forget to stop and appreciate the joy our world does offer. Accept the challenges which present themselves. Do not hate them, run from them, or regret them. Acknowledge them, embrace them, and accept them. Doing this gives you the power to affect change and overcome them.

    As such seek the solutions. Your focus is ever important in life. Don’t drown yourself in the problem, instead look deeply at it seeking the solution. When you encounter any challenge or obstacle, look for the solution to it. Troubleshoot, problem-solve, get elbow deep into it. Accept the challenge and find the solution.

  • Take the Time to Learn – When someone talks, listen. Take the time to truly learn their point of view. This is a great way to show courtesy and respect. But if you have a someone offering their story, their experience, stop and truly listen to what they are saying. If someone wants to show you how to do something, don’t let ego get in the way. Stop and accept the offer, the gift. You never know what you may learn. And yes, it may simply be how not to do something, but that in itself is still valuable. We all have experiences, lessons, and stories which can be of positive impact to other people. If you want to be heard, be the example. Take the time to listen and learn whenever the chances arises.
  • Keep the Basics at Heart – Appreciation and Gratitude are the most basic. Appreciate what you have and where you are at. You are not at the end of your journey, because you are still alive. Acknowledge that simple fact and own the moment, own the day, own your life. Remember that it wasn’t just you that got you to this point. Life has been a shared journey with many players. Some heroes, some villains, some offering the much needed comic relief. They all offer something of value and that should be appreciated. This moment isn’t promised to anyone, yet here you are, with a chance to make the most of it. So rock it out Jedi Master.

SDCC: The Force Awakens Panel

The battle of generations has begun. It is a silly battle of course. One that still hinges on a lot of speculation. Abrams and many Star Wars fans grew up with the Original Trilogy and were greatly impacted by it. The Hero’s Journey they experienced with Luke, Han, and Leia inspired a generation. In 1999 a new journey was created specifically aimed at the next generation and it hit its mark. Many younger Star Wars fans grew up with Anakin’s journey, with Qui-Gon, and young Obi-Wan. They enjoyed the style and presentation in which the journey and characters were presented. Add in Ahsoka and now Ezra and you have many Star Wars fans highly accustom to CGI and animated effects.

The comments on practical effects were not digs. They were a generational outlook. A desire to get back to hands-on effects and feel. This is absolutely no surprise since the people pushing the most for the sequel was the generation that fell in love back in 1977. This was a concern for many Star Wars fans So there is a focus to ease that worry for the original fan culture of Star Wars. For the people who wanted in ComicCon like lines to watch the original trilogy in theaters. Those comments were directed to them, but to bash or dig at the prequels.

Look at Abrams work and you can see the clear use of computer generated special effects. There will be a balance. It is demanded by the type of cinema that dominates these days. But it is purely 100% simply a generational focus. It is merely the older generation saying – “Hey, we want to recapture that feeling we had with the original trilogy.” They didn’t get that with the prequels, because the prequels were not made for that purpose or for that audience. ((This is all generalization by the way. Obviously their are outliers – I myself enjoyed both trilogies.))

Point is – movie is not out. What we have seen thus far has been good stuff. For everyone. There have been some original trilogy squeal moments. There have been some fun fly-bys that give you more of that action and movement feel from the prequels. Until December we won’t truly know. And any derisive bickering over what was said and in what context with what tone of voice and blah blah blah is all moot. The six films are canon – Disney gets that say and they have had their say. The new films will set new canon. And the younger Star Wars fans will just have to put up with any changes like all the older fans had to do with the prequels. lol We are all excited and nervous. We all have our favorite moments and films of the franchise. Some still love the 80′s Ewok adventures (crazy, right?). These new films are made with love and a focus on what inspired the individual filmmakers (and that will mostly be original trilogy stuff – at least until about 10 to 15 years when those inspired by the prequels are the ones running shop).

So Star Wars fans – relax. Enjoy the ride. Embrace a new adventure. And stop with the finger pointing. It is silly. Love YOUR Star Wars, which ever it may be. And let other people enjoy THEIR Star Wars.

Your Insecurity is Most Disturbing


Courage is not dependent on previous acts of courage. If I am terrified of heights, but climb a tree to help someone down than I have shown courage. It does not take away, diminish, or in anyway reflect the courage it takes to be a Police Officer, Military Soldier/Infantry, Fire Fighter, Search and Rescue, or any other profession which seems more heroic on the surface. Courage not simply something regulated to combat. In fact speaking for peace requires a lot of courage as bodily harm and death are tools often employed against such advocates.

Courage is not allowing Fear to govern your life. Across the world courage has been shown in social issues. Being from the united States we have plenty of examples of Social Courage. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. showed courage. Jane Addams showed courage. Ghandi showed courage. This does not mean George Washington showed less courage crossing the Delaware. This does not mean First Responders to terrorist events like 7/7 and 9/11 were any less courageous.

It makes me wonder how insecure people are they have to lash out at those being courageous for a fight they don’t understand. Caitlyn Jenner has faced ridicule, threats of all kinds, and continues to be insulted by uneducated bigots. But she knew that. She knew that embracing her own image and doing so while tied to one of the most public families would bring a wave of criticism, attacks, and condemnation. Knowing that, knowing a large chuck of the world was not educated and enlightened enough to accept people for who they are and would lash out, she made a courageous choice. She chose not to be ruled by fear or hate or self-denial. She chose to face real consequences and repercussions for simply being true to her self. That is the very definition of courage. “The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.”

And you want to know something? That does NOT take away from any one who has been, is currently, and will be Brave. The continued comparisons and ridicule people face for social courage only serve to prove how much courage is necessary to stand up. In some parts of the world doing so is in fact a death sentence. That does include parts of the United States. Standing against social ignorance and bigotry is not easy, it is not safe, and it is not a minor issue. So the next time you see a picture of some soldier bleeding and a snide comment about courage – remember they are merely proving the point. It is not easy. You are brave. And one day the world will pull its head from its @$$ and recognize that. It is a long fight. Ask anyone involved in equal rights. You’d think the world would it get already – it is all glass wall non-sense. We all bleed. We all feel. We are alive and just trying to do the best we can. But it seems a hard lesson for the world to learn. So continue to be You. Continue to be Courageous.

“Acceptance of one’s life has nothing to do with resignation; it does not mean running away from the struggle. On the contrary, it means accepting it as it comes, with all the handicaps of heredity, of suffering, of psychological complexes and injustices.” – Paul Tournier
Photo Credit: http://otisframpton.deviantart.com/