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Seeking Peace through the Jedi Lifestyle

Many seek to find a more peaceful life. One not defined by the hustle of life. The Jedi Way often talks of peace and peace of mind. But what ideas can we applied directly to our lives from our fictional counterparts to make that a reality?
“Conquer Materialism” – The desire for more is not a bad thing, but certainly moderation is key. The newest this or the slimmer that – are they needs? All material things are impermanent and will require replacing eventually. Enjoy what you have now. It may not be the best or where you want to be, but that doesn’t take away from the great things you do have in your life. The necessities of life, Water, Food, Shelter. So yes, enjoy that phone or computer (however you are reading this), but don’t get lost to the chase for more, more, more , more. Embrace your now and be content with what you do have.

“You were right about one thing master. The negotiations were short.” – If you cannot laugh at the situation or yourself you may be taking things a bit too seriously. This isn’t to say that a situation isn’t serious, but a dose of humor goes a long way to ensuring we don’t get caught in a stressful way of thinking. Laugh, Smile, seek the messed up humorous side of it all. Life can be pretty ridiculous, best to laugh with it.

“Jedi are encouraged to love.” – Love freely and openly. No that does not mean try to sleep with senators from Naboo. It means that this world has many great things to truly appreciate, enjoy, and love. Pets, family, friends, significant other, love deeply, richly, and openly. Again, nothing lasts forever. So enjoy these memories and relationships and connections while they are here. Do not worry about some ‘what if’ – instead embrace the love now with all your heart. Especially for pets. Give them pets and treats for me.

“Concentrate. Concentrate.” – Meditation. Focus. A daily routine and practice of meditation makes a impact. There is no – doing it wrong. Do a little research, find a meditation technique that you find enjoyable. Set it into your daily routine. We have a couple videos that may help. Whatever works for you. Do it and reap the benefits of cultivating a center of calm. It is well worth the investment.

“Keep your concentration here and now where it belongs.” – The major theme here. Yes, future plans and goals are important. Yes, the past provides valuable lessons to learn from. But happiness, peace, these are found in this very moment. It is a choice. Turn off the tv, go admire the beauty and wonder of nature (even a local park in the city provides this). Just 10 minutes of not drowning yourself in media and noise – instead spend it outside just taking in the world around. Life. Concentrate on the moment – this time. This is for you. You have this moment – what will you do with it? Hopefully close this article and go enjoy what the moment has to offer. Even if that is merely looking out the window of your office building at the sky above.

How to Get Jedi Level Concentration


So one of the things that comes with being absolutely insane enough to run a Jedi website and training program is the concentration to write everything that goes with that. Since 2007 I have written over a 150 Jedi lessons for the Jedi Living training program alone. Now granted some of these were on the same subject (tedious) and some of these made their way into print (insert self-promotion of Jedi books here). As a genuinely lazy person and someone who cannot seem to focus on any one thing for more than five minutes – this amazes me when I reflect upon it. Though a not so subtle hint to avoid running any Jedi sites or programs. Live the Jedi Way and then Netflix and Chill – I am sure you’ll enjoy it more. Anyhow. Point being – Concentration is a must for any Jedi and one I have had to work on continually over the years. Here are a couple of tips to help you develop Jedi Concentration…

1.) Set Your Goal. This is probably obvious, but many leave this to undefined. In order to truly focus in with that single-minded determination you have to have something to focus on. You need a clear goal. From there you can establish a plan and direction for yourself to proceed. So before you sit down or whatever you are concentrating on (ping pong match), set your goal. and have a plan of action. Hold to your strategy and focus in on your task at hand.

2.) Control the Flow. Concentration requires energy and effort. It will drain you mentally. Anyone who has had a long day at a desk knows well how tired and worn out you can be without physical exercise included. Those that do both (like high rise construction workers) know how difficult it can be to keep a high level on concentration going. This is no different than physical exercise. Pacing yourself is important. And you have to take breaks to ensure you don’t wear yourself out. Ever tried one of those 5k Trainers (like Couch to 5k or Zombies! Run!)? They don’t just make you run. There is walking and run breaks. So – same principle. Focus. Break. Focus. Break. Focus. Break. And no. Don’t just wander over to social media stuff. Yes a break you can chill and look at instagram, but make sure it is a set time. I’d also more highly recommend something physical active to get the blood flowing. Jump rope, stationary bike, push-ups, something that doesn’t require much focus. Walk around the block allowing your mind to wander freely. Get back to it.

3.) Refocus. Grim determination. Slap in the face. Cold water in the eyeballs. I mean, lets avoid that, but same principle. This is the the – Suck it up Jedi and get to it – part. You know what you need to do. Don’t allow yourself the plethora of exercises waiting for you. “Oh I have time.” – “Well I am not sure exactly how to begin” – “My Hulu Free Trial is almost up and I don’t want to waste it.” – Knock it off. You got this. Deep breath – pull up your project and get to it. Set your plan into motion. Hold yourself to your timetable. Play to the peaks and lows – use them to your advantage, not as excuses. Sometimes you’ll have to trudge through it, but you will get a break. So work to that break. And when you concentration is lapsing. Close your eyes, Deep Breath (or five), Refocus, and continue forward.

4.) Minimize Distractions. You have your goal. You have a plan. You have your breaks lined up. Phone on Do Not Disturb during work time (you can have settings to ensure important people/calls get through). Do not have facebook, twitter, or whatever else open in another tab during the work cycle. Leave that for your break time. Put the blinders on. Get that single-minded focus going and cultivate it by removing as many distractions from around you as possible. And then….

5.) Self-Control Jedi. Come on now. I believe in you. You are capable of leaving those distractions alone for the time being. So just don’t do it. Easier said than done? Absolutely. I 100% agree, but still – don’t do it. It is within your power to focus in on your project and get it done. And here is the beauty. Once it is done – it is done. You get all that extra time to you. And you can be a weirdo like me and fill it with more projects. Or you can actually enjoy the extra time and relax with your loved ones. So practice that self-control Jedi. Work Now – Chill Later.

Four Somethings of the Somthing


Four Somethings of the Somethings – Entitled such because I have no idea. I just felt like writing. This is what came of that. So yeah….

1. Find Your Bliss.
Mine is Jedi. I know – weird. But when you look at the totality of the Path is covers all my little things that make me happy (from the daily practices, to the goals, to the general mission statement, I just enjoy it). So overall it is my Bliss and what serves as my truth, if you will. Your personal truth is for you. What is your sacred? We see underlying themes and concepts throughout human history and beliefs. Yet all have different flavors and focuses. What is your focus? What is your bliss? Once you have that there is little need to concern yourself with the warring “truths” out there (let them fight it out amongst themselves). Find Your Bliss and Live It. It goes a long way. How right. You are probably like – yeah, cause it is just that easy. Sometimes it is and the one thing getting in the way? Yep. You. Relax. Take a moment. What are the various things that make you happy? What do you enjoy? Why? How do these relate and play out in your life? Search for it and you will find it.

2. Befriend Your Thoughts.
A hard task when sometimes your thoughts are the meanest and most nastiest voice ever to exist. Some of the things you say to yourself? Shame on you. Or maybe that is just me. I know I can beat myself up way better than anyone could ever hope. So do not wage war. Instead turn those very strong thoughts into allies. Start developing the pattern of recognizing the negative thoughts. Face them, stop them, and then counter them. “Is that true?” Make it a new habit to acknowledge the flip-side. To be fair and honest with yourself. To not belittle yourself, but instead offer yourself fair evaluation. And remember – just because you think you did poorly, doesn’t mean you actually did. Listen to the input of others. And do not dishonor or disrespect their opinion by pushing it aside with self-deprecating thoughts. Instead listen with an open and fair mind. Let your thoughts not be your bully, but your friend. And when your fair thoughts are like – “Nope. You failed there blockhead. And here is why, because being fair…” acknowledge and grow from it. Use it to improve. Thank yourself for the good reflection and lesson. And get on to getting better.

3. You Are Not a Caged Monster.
Do not run from yourself. You are not some monstrous beast to be punished or feared. You are a perfectly flawed individual just like the rest of us. As equally as screwed up as the rest of humanity. Congratulations. The simple fact is we all have an area within ourselves we do not like to confront. However that is the true darkness. Allowing our fear to create ignorance and dark areas within ourselves. Your emotions are not your enemy. Pain is not your enemy. Sometimes these things do not feel good at all. They make us cry and really make it hard to love and befriend ourselves. But that doesn’t change with ignoring it either. Embrace the entirety that is you. Acknowledge and Accept. And then, and this is the important part, Find Your Bliss, Befriend Your Thoughts, Laugh at the Absurdity of it All, and Determine Who You WANT to Be – then go be that. If you can dream and see yourself as the Hero, be the damn hero. It is well within your ability. The only thing holding you back is you. So step out of the cage and be who you chose to be.

4. Laugh at the Absurdity of it All.
Life doesn’t care how serious you take it. The sun will rise whether you worry about it or not. The stars in the sky care nothing for your stress and complaints. So you can go through life in a very serious and overly stressing manner. The day will not alter. Likewise you can be a bit more carefree, smiling and laughing at the interesting twists and flow of life. The universe will continue on either way. The real question is not how will your attitude effect the world, but how does you attitude affect you? Which would you rather be as the universe continues on? The one laughing or the one stressed? I mean, come on. Even this article has to make you want to laugh. “Oh. There is Opie with his self-help non-sense again. And he calls this Jedi. BAH!” Or maybe I just wrote out another example of the previous. In any case – the universe continues on. Have a laugh or two – the stars will totally appreciate it.

Still Finding the Format

I have been messing with how to get all this social media connected. Seeing what works best. Looking to find a balance between convenience and utility. It has been an interesting learning experience. Not sure I am done yet. But I am certainly enjoying the experience and even the stumbling. Missed some posts here because I thought I had set-up a cross post. I’ll be trying a new approach. And we’ll see how that goes.

Just wanted to update really. Things have been crazy. Balance of living as a Jedi daily has been tested a bit more than usual. Again, great experience, but certainly taxing. Still had a weekend in San Francisco. There was a cool Yoda heart sculpture thing downtown. Nice little welcome. It is good to get out in the world. Be a tourist in a place you know. I very much enjoy the world and experiencing it.

If I can recommend a little challenge. Go be a tourist in the city you live.

A Jedi’s View of Equality

Discrimination never really made sense to me. Like others I have an issue with the term Racism because Homo Sapien is a singular race. There is the human race and any difference is just glass wall non-sense. It just does not make sense to have this formulated opinion about a person because of some individual difference. Color of skin, religious belief, gender, country of birth, sexual preference. I mean where does it stop? Oh, you use an Apple instead of a PC? I hate you then and feel your kind should be wiped from the face of the earth. And while we joke about our iPhone vs. Galaxy wars, we are all just playing Trivia Crack in the end. 

Seriously, we are all different in one way or another. No one will ever have your DNA. Each of us are unique. It is a beauty of Humanity. To turn such a beautiful thing into a source for hate and fear is just not something I can get behind. We should be embracing our diversity and celebrating our commonalities. High five my fellow living creature. Keep on rocking life. All else is secondary. Color, Creed, Gender, does not give any information in which to judge a person. Judge a person on their individual merit. Or be one of those really enlightened people and don’t judge at all. I am a bit judgmental, but I fully believe in allowing people to express themselves freely and openly. Give them the chance to show you who they are and base your opinion off of that.

In the fictional Jedi Order you are shown skilled, powerful, and wise Jedi of all sorts. Male, Female, Black, White, Orange, Pink, Blue, and a plethora of Cultural Beliefs and traditions. A Jedi was judged solely on their desire and ability to be a Jedi. Hutts (Ya know, Jabba) have a bad reputation as a Race in Star Wars, but there are Hutt Jedi. Not judged or denied because of race, but allowed to pursue the Jedi Way because they had the ability and drive to do so.

For real Jedi there is a core general rule that is taught across all Jedi Websites. The Skywalker Code states this as: Jedi Respect All Life, in any form. The Jedi Rules of Behavior state this as: Honor Life. Life is an important aspect of the Jedi Way. We do not accept or deny a person on any other quality except their desire to become a Jedi. Anyone can be a Jedi Knight. Man, Woman, Straight, Gay, all Hues of the Skin, and all views of the universe. The question is simply one of merit, of intent, of action. Are you or are you not Living the Jedi Way? 

As a Jedi I say Racism, Sexism, it is all moronic. All lives matter. People are people where ever you go. Some are the most amazing people you will ever meet. And some seem to be there for nothing else but to remind you what not do, what not to become. None of that is dependent on some external or biological difference. Forget the glass walls of ‘isms’ and allow people the chance to show you how awesome they can be. It does not matter who they sleep with or who they pray to. If you want to be a Jedi you’ll have to put aside such prejudice and simply focus on the merit of the individual.

Hey Jedi. Instead of the Jedi wisdom this or meditation that. Or motivational this or inspirational that. How about we just take a moment to really love life. To smile and appreciate this day. And maybe, just maybe, we carry that love for the rest of the moments we experience.
Photo Credit: http://danime-chan.deviantart.com/

Challenge Level: Life.

I recently embarked on a journey that is far beyond my capabilities. And I may have hit my ceiling. Not a roadblock, simply the point in which I cannot move beyond. Which may mean my pursuit is over. Over in the grand dream I had envisioned, but certainly not over as in quitting. Just means it is back to the drawing board. Back to studying and learning. 

It is hard to know when that pivotal moment in life is. It usually takes years and a lot of reflection for us to say – this moment, this one event had that course altering effect. All you can do is move forward as best you can. And when you are hurt, when you fall, and feel like crying then cry. But don’t cry and give up. You are already been through the pain. You already fell. So cry and keep going. Slowly pick yourself up and push yourself forward.

Bad days suck. No doubt there. My reminder to myself is this: Claw and crawl your way to f*king success. Just because the road isn’t easy, doesn’t mean the journey isn’t worth it. 

(Image Credit: http://choboroy.deviantart.com/art/Jedi-170051660 ) Forgot to do that last time.