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Seeking Peace through the Jedi Lifestyle

Many seek to find a more peaceful life. One not defined by the hustle of life. The Jedi Way often talks of peace and peace of mind. But what ideas can we applied directly to our lives from our fictional counterparts to make that a reality?
“Conquer Materialism” – The desire for more is not a bad thing, but certainly moderation is key. The newest this or the slimmer that – are they needs? All material things are impermanent and will require replacing eventually. Enjoy what you have now. It may not be the best or where you want to be, but that doesn’t take away from the great things you do have in your life. The necessities of life, Water, Food, Shelter. So yes, enjoy that phone or computer (however you are reading this), but don’t get lost to the chase for more, more, more , more. Embrace your now and be content with what you do have.

“You were right about one thing master. The negotiations were short.” – If you cannot laugh at the situation or yourself you may be taking things a bit too seriously. This isn’t to say that a situation isn’t serious, but a dose of humor goes a long way to ensuring we don’t get caught in a stressful way of thinking. Laugh, Smile, seek the messed up humorous side of it all. Life can be pretty ridiculous, best to laugh with it.

“Jedi are encouraged to love.” – Love freely and openly. No that does not mean try to sleep with senators from Naboo. It means that this world has many great things to truly appreciate, enjoy, and love. Pets, family, friends, significant other, love deeply, richly, and openly. Again, nothing lasts forever. So enjoy these memories and relationships and connections while they are here. Do not worry about some ‘what if’ – instead embrace the love now with all your heart. Especially for pets. Give them pets and treats for me.

“Concentrate. Concentrate.” – Meditation. Focus. A daily routine and practice of meditation makes a impact. There is no – doing it wrong. Do a little research, find a meditation technique that you find enjoyable. Set it into your daily routine. We have a couple videos that may help. Whatever works for you. Do it and reap the benefits of cultivating a center of calm. It is well worth the investment.

“Keep your concentration here and now where it belongs.” – The major theme here. Yes, future plans and goals are important. Yes, the past provides valuable lessons to learn from. But happiness, peace, these are found in this very moment. It is a choice. Turn off the tv, go admire the beauty and wonder of nature (even a local park in the city provides this). Just 10 minutes of not drowning yourself in media and noise – instead spend it outside just taking in the world around. Life. Concentrate on the moment – this time. This is for you. You have this moment – what will you do with it? Hopefully close this article and go enjoy what the moment has to offer. Even if that is merely looking out the window of your office building at the sky above.


Maybe it’s because I love Mark Hamill and his beard to bits, but I can’t imagine Grand Jedi Master Luke as anything other than “everybody’s favorite uncle who also happens to be a badass but doesn’t flaunt it”.

I also imagine younglings fall asleep during meditation a lot.

Ability means Responsibility

There is a line in the movie National Treasure which summed up my views on “power” very well. It basically said, those with the ability to do something have the responsibility to do something. Jedi are about personal betterment. They understand that in order to truly help others you have to be in a position to do so. You have to have the ability to do so. One of the worse feelings is facing a situation in which you want to help so badly and find that you cannot. It can lead you to feel powerless and useless. And it is that feeling which is why many sought the Jedi Path in the first place. To gain control of their lives and be in a position to affect positive change. 

As a Jedi trains they gain insight into themselves and the world around them. They become stronger. Not just on a physical level, but more importantly on a mental and emotional level. All areas of well-being become stronger. Spiritual, Social, and Financial as well. It is this strength of character that carries with it a sense of burden. It cannot be given away freely and as much as we would like to help everyone that is simply not possible. Also as a Jedi grows they learn the difference in what constitutes help versus charity. Neither should be shunned, but certainly it is important to recognize the difference and what is needed within the moment. 

This is a simple very short and general reminder on the topic. The reason I mention it is because of the above thought in the picture. To quote Doctor Who, “A good man doesn’t need rules.” Jedi have many rules and I have found that to be an enlightening scene which all Jedi should be able to relate too. 

As said, as we train we grow stronger. That carries with it responsibility. The more capable we become, the more outward responsibilities we have. But more than that, the stronger we become as individuals the important it becomes to ensure we adhere to the lifestyle we have chosen. To the rules and practices which help direct our power. 

Many look at the Jedi and they want the lightsabers and Force Powers. Forgetting one important thing. Many groups in Star Wars, including the Sith, had those things. That is not what made the Jedi who they were. That is not what defined them. It was the direction of purpose. It was how they chose to live that made the Jedi who they were. It is no different for those that follow the Jedi Path in real life. It is our lifestyle, our ideology that makes us who we are. And the further we grow in our path, the more we must keep to the basics. Meditation, Reflection, and Service.